Thursday, October 7, 2010

a haunting.

This story happened in 2003, it’s true. It happened in my state.  

There is this Muslim girl. She was a high school student. 

Long story short, she made a mistake and she got pregnant with her boyfriend’s child. Of course, her parents and her grandmother were furious. 

Her boyfriend was willing to take responsibility. He went to the girl’s house to meet her parents but they pushed him away. He was beaten by the girl’s neighbors and he went into a coma.
Her parents told her that her boyfriend’s dead. 

She was devastated. She had no one to go to. Her parents and grandmother rejected her.
She thought getting rid of the baby would solve all the problems. So she swallowed poison. Pesticide to be exact.

She went to the clinic but it was too late. She died on her way to the hospital.
Her family was called to claim her body. They didn’t give her a decent funeral. Instead, they dug a hole, and pushed her and buried her in it. 

The girl wasn’t gone. She didn’t rest in peace. She went wandering, haunting people, asking them to help manage her body. 

She went around, carrying a baby in her hands and offering people to look at her baby. But when people looked at it, it wasn’t a baby. But instead, it was a tombstone.

The first person she went to was her grandma. That resulted to nothing.

She went wandering further and further, from her village to a few other villages’ kilometers away. Reports of people seeing her increased. 

At last, after two months, she went to this man. A religious scholar. He investigated and managed to find the girls’ family.

He went to meet them, and he took care of the girl. Her ‘grave’ was dug and she was given a proper funeral. Imagine a 2 month corpse, being dug out from the ground. 

After it was settled, there were no more sightings of her.
This story became a legend.

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