Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Prince

Someday he’ll come, on a chestnut horse
just when i’m about to give up, to give in
He’ll come, my saviour
And i’ll have a place to lean

He’ll make me happy
he’ll say i’m the queen of his world
he’ll promise he’ll love me
he’ll say everything, without speaking a word

He’ll hold me tight and won’t let me go
until my last breath, he’ll protect me
when I cry, he’ll wipe my tears and say it’s alright
he’ll take care of me, through every night

someday he’ll come, on a chestnut horse
on a cold lonely night
our eyes will meet, so powerful a force
it’ll be love at first sight

he’ll sweep me of my feet
he’ll kneel and ask for my hand
he’ll say i make him complete
and i’ll say yes to the man

With his charm he’ll win my heart
with his heart he’ll win my soul
i know he will play his part
in my play of life, he’s the leading role

he would send me roses
daffodils and daisies too
we’ll ride horses
and get lost, just us two

he’ll cheer me up when i’m sad
comfort me when i’m scared
calm me down when i’m mad
and do things no one ever dared

he’ll catch me when I fall
and sacrifice everything
help me through it all
no matter how threatening.

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