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Tokio Hotel fandom awesomeness!

Hallo aliens! Wie geht's? gute? :) Ich Bin gute, Alhamdulillah.
excuse mein German, ich nicht good! XD

A lot of people who knows me in real life (and on the net especially) knows that I am a HUGE fan of the German band, Tokio Hotel. like seriously. I am one of the girls who would get butterflies in her stomach just by seeing them on tv, in the newspaper, in magazines and hearing their song on the radio. no band made me feel this way before. I never thought i would be one of those fangirls who would get over excited over stuff that has anything to do with their favorite band. Boy, was I wrong! hahahahaha!

Gustav, Tom, Bill, und Georg.

How did I find out about Tokio Hotel?
September 2009. It was a very boring weekend. I was flipping channels and then one thing really caught my eye. It was MTV. they were airing Tokio Hotel's Worldstage Live In Greece. If I'm not mistaken, the first song of theirs that i heard was either Alien or Dogs Unleashed. Bill's gravity-defying Mohawk added to my amusement. Hey, who wouldn't love a guy with awesome hair? XD  yes, i know he was a boy. He didn't have boobs, DUH! LMAO

I looked them up on the internet later that day and I have been hooked ever since! Of course, a lot of Bill came up when i searched for images. He was hot, undoubtedly. then, came the twin. I was like "OMG, hottie got a hotter twin!" XD. My first impresssion of Georg was about his physique. Man, dad dude has got a body that makes me go "DAMN! than man is fine!" *__* . of course, Gustav was so aborable! he's the most adorable bad-ass ever!

The fandom.
On the net, i usually use the alias Sofia Humanoid. Then my friends would ask "what does Humanoid mean?" and me, tired of this question, yaps in my head "go open a dictionary" but I usually give them the definition and say "but i use it for another reason" or "it's one of Tokio Hotel's album".

At first, i thought i was the only fan in Malaysia LOL. silly me. then a senior of mine suggested that i join fan groups and such. I guess i just got deeper :)
I have come a crossed a lot of people while in this fandom. People who i see as sisters, friends, and even bitches. face it, it's true. It opened my eyes to a whole new perception on the types of people that exist in this world.

although i am not one of those girls who are OBSESSED with them, i still enjoy being in this fandom. It's like a bigger family that consist of people of various races, nationalities, religion, gender, sexuality, and age.

Even though i am a fan, i don't go to concerts. I have won tickets to a concert they had in Kuala Lumpur last May but I wasn't able to attend. I saw it as a sign from Allah that I shouldn't be there. It's a religious thing. Besides, i'm not the type to go to concerts anyways. I didn't even try out for tickets the second time they came here which was for Worldstage in July. If you guys think that I am a 'bad fan' or whatever, who cares? that is who i am. besides, who made you the fan police? XD 

I would browse every single CD in every single CD store for their albums and DVDs though. Oh yeah, Tokio Hotel's Humanoid album Deluxe version was the first album i personally own, ever! :D i remember the day i screamed in the CD store because i found their Zimmer 483 DVD and my friends were like "O.O are you alright?". I bought the DVD then and there, even though my dad gave me RM50 to go eat with my friends. It costed RM43.90. We went to McDonalds and i only ate RM5.70 worth of food. My friends think i'm too much in love with them until i rather starve hahahahaha. good times, good times. 

On the same day, i was riding in my friend's car with some of our other friends and she suddenly screamed "Tokio Hotel!" while pointing outside. I quickly pushed her aside to take a look and realized i got punk'd =,= she was bored. of course i didn't expect the band to be there, i thought somebody had a sticker of them on their car or something. glad i can entertain people, huh.

I was bored and in a bad mood in school today so i doodled some stuff!
Ich Schrei In Die Nact fur Dich - Bitte Spring Nicht

I'm physically, mentally, over-obsessed with you!

Geisterfahrer-always die on their own, Ich bin Nich Ich, Ich bin Da, On the edge-she's not coming back
as for this one, i doodled this on the back of my English test paper in my exam earlier this year.

these are all the Toho stuff i have.

 My precious!:
  1. 2 Tokio Hotel newspaper articles. 
  2. Zimmer 483 Live in Europe DVD
  3. Humanoid Deluxe edition
  4. Humanoid City Live CD
  5. a 8GB thumb drive where i keep all my Tokio Hotel files.
  6. edit on 28th January 2011: I got my 'Best Of' album. Deluxe :D  
  7. edit on 23rd March 2011: Poster of Tokio Hotel from Malaysia's KLIK Magazine 
  8. edit on 7th June 2011: I bought Tokio Hotel Humanoid City Live DVD 2 days ago
  9. edit on 7th June 2011: I bought Tokio Hotel Caught On Camera DVD 2 days ago
Lastly, i would like to say, ICH LIEBE TOKIO HOTEL!  

Georg Moritz Hagen Listing -> Bassist ♥ 

Gustav Wolfgang Schafer -> Drummer

Tom Kaulitz-Trumper -> Guitarist / my future husband

Bill Kaulitz-Trumper -> Lead Singer

Tchuss! ;)

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