Sunday, November 14, 2010

When words fail...

 I didn't really believe in love. I was Automatic (Tokio Hotel)
I kept telling myself that "I don't wanna be in love (Good Charlotte)"
When he actually liked me, i was like "Why? after you know all my flaws and all (Beyonce)?"  
Even though I was sure that his feelings for me wouldn't last, against my power, I let my Walls (All Time Low) fall down.
  Just as I expected, 'love' didn't last. He changed his heart, he changed his mind.
"I don't love you (My Chemical Romance), I used to"
Then I realized that for me, he was The Only Exception (Paramore)
It hit me like a Shot Through The Heart (Bon Jovi).
Served me right for playing hard to get.
 We remained friends. Let's just say there were some things we weren't happy about. Some things we weren't proud of. 
He was like "I'm not the one (3Oh!3) who wants to hurt you"
And I believed him. I sensed sincerity. He wanted to change for the better. For me.
In order to do this, he distant himself from me.
He didn't tell me this. At first i was like, "OK, i don't need you. Continue with your Ignorance (Paramore)"
But damn it, I missed him. So much.
when i told him that, he said "you never tell me anyways"
Yes, I never told you (Colbie Caillat). Simply because I was denying it myself.
I tried to convince myself that he was not Irreplaceable(Beyonce).
Who would've though, that in all people, I would be the one caught in a Bad Romance (Lady Gaga). I guess I wasn't careful enough.
I keep think about the 2 Different Tears (Wondergirls) that he gave me.
I hate that I love 'you' (Ne-Yo ft Rihanna).
I wanted his Attention (Tokio Hotel) so bad. The kind of attention he used to give me.
Just So 'You' Know (Jesse McCartney), I tried my best to let go of you. 
I didn't know who to turn to when it all falls apart (The Veronicas).
I will wait for The Last Night (Skillet) to be alone.
I need a Saviour (Jamie Lostein).
I need a hero (Jennifer Saunders).

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