Tuesday, December 14, 2010

OH! an actual post! XD

Asslamualaikum w.b.t
I hope you readers are fine :)

So far my holidays are well spent.If by 'well spent' you mean rotting in front of the computer all day and all night, ruining my sleeping schedule, and munch. =___=

But that's going to change :)
I'm going to The Philippines! I am so exited! The last time I was there was 2004. I'll be leaving the day after tomorrow.

To be absolutely honest, I don't remember most of my relatives there. I remember a few, from memories but if my mom didn't talk about them now and again I'd be blank.

We're going to stay in Manila for a couple of days then we're going to my grandma's house in Cebu :) My family's gathering there and we'll be together for Christmas.

Personally I don't celebrate Christmas but think of it as family time.

We're going to visit a lot of places, and me and my brother will surely take a lot of pictures.
 I'll start packing tonight :)

ok, enough about that.

Kak Aishah, my sister from another mother just told me she got an offer to continue her A-Levels Cambridge! She is TOTALLY my idol.

♥ ♥ ♥ I love her! ♥ ♥ ♥

I will always remember our fun times together.

She'll be leaving on 1st January. We're going to hang out tomorrow (probably for the last time, at least before she flies off) and Nida will be joining too.  

so I guess that's it for now. 
Fair winds, mateys! arrrrr! XD
(LOL what was that) 

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