Thursday, January 27, 2011


This is a lazy post therefore it will be written by point.

  • Exams are over! Now I need to wait for the results :s (Ya Allah, lembutkanlah hati guru2 ku. aminn)
  • Got in touch with the friend I was so angry about in this post. It was a misunderstanding, I did rush into conclusions. I blame hormones. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My phantomrider

Hey readers :) 

If you guys noticed, I write poetry. I don't write as good as some other people, but it's how I express my feelings and if it satisfies me, I don't see why  I should care about what other people think.

Last night, as I was just about to doze of to dreamland, I got inspired to write this.

This time, this poem is based on a song. The song is 'Phantomrider' by Tokio Hotel.

Here's a video of the song for those who haven't listened to it yet.

Without further ado, I present to you... 'My Phantomrider'.

I'll kiss you goodbye
as a million sparks fall down
if you really trust me
don't turn that wheel around
if you're words are true
I'll be waiting for you.

Why do you drive alone?
dark and cold is the night
you won't make it on your own
you'll die tonight.

The promises you scratched
promises of you and me
they remain on my seat
the seat remaining empty.

you believe it's real
I doubt it's a game
phantom, you're so mysterious
you don't even know my name.

I'll wait on the other side
where you promised to meet me
phantom, keep thy word
thy angel awaits thee.

I'll give you a final kiss goodbye
before you slip into the night,
I'm unwilling to leave you alone
but phantomriders
always die on their own.

Yeah, it's rusty in some parts, but my poems always are :P
If you listened to the song, the song is from the Phantomrider's side. This poem is made to make it sound like the angel's point of view. You can see the lyrics and the words are somewhat similar, that's because I based it off of the lyrics. 

*comments and advice are most welcome!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

saya dwibahasa ;P

Assalamualaikum w.b.t ,, apa khabar pembaca? I hope 2011 is going great for ya'll :D

amaran: kalau saya tulis dalam bahasa melayu, kadang-kadang memang ayat skema. harap-harap korang dapat tahan dengan ke-skema-annya =____________=

Dah ramai orang tanya, "awak memang dari kecik ke mak bapak ajar bahasa inggeris?"
 lepas tu, mesti teragak-agak nak jawab... sebab tak pasti 0___0

tapi tadi, dah tanya mama dan daddy, dan diorang dah terangkan semua :D
tq, ily ♥

Pada mulanya, mak saya tak pandai cakap Melayu. Mak saya pun, takde ambik kelas khas atau apa-apa, tapi belajar daripada ayah saya dan interaksi antara masyarakat sekeliling :) *apesal ayat cam takleh blah =__='

Masa saya kecik-kecik dulu, dekat rumah, mak cakap inggeris, ayah cakap melayu, dan bibik cakap indon. Tapi semasa saya membesar, saya lebih terdedah kepada Bahasa Inggeris. Lebih daripada bahasa ibunda saya sendiri.

~bahasa ibundaku bukan bahasa bondaku~
LOL that's so lame!

Saya mula betul-betul terdedah kepada bahasa melayu bila mula sekolah.

Sebelum persekolahan, memang dekat rumah, mak ayah ajar guna buku bahasa inggeris, cerita-cerita dalam bahasa inggeris dan sebagainya.

Paling banyak cerita-cerita klasik Disney :)

mak cerita, bila saya dengan abang saya kecik dulu, kitorang selalu 'lakonkan semula' dialog-dialog yang ada dalam cerita Disney yang kitorang tengok. hahahahaha... :">

Bukan sahaja mak saya tak pandai berbahasa Melayu pada masa tu, dia pun membesar dengan American English. Sambil dia mengajar saya dan abang saya, sambil tulah dia pun belajar :)

lagu pertama dalam Bahasa Melayu yang saya belajar: tepuk amai-amai .....
Lagu kedua: Negaraku ...


So, due to the environment i grew up in, it affected my grades in school. I never got higher marks in my Malay papers in comparison to my English papers. I think I did get higher marks in Malay ONCE.

I've heard so many teachers complained about it. Most of them were my Bahasa Malaysia teachers, go figure.
I don't really see it as a bad thing, sometimes people exaggerate about it. I mean, it is kinda bizarre to be better in another language compared to your own, but hey, people have their strong spots and weak spots, right? and it's not as if i'm failing Bahasa Malaysia =___=' sheeeesh. calm down.

Being what people consider 'good' in English, gives a lot of advantages, actually. Such as in competitions, in communicating with people from all around the world, communicating with my mother's side of the family, etc. 

I'm really happy I 'grew up bilingual' .


Friday, January 14, 2011


so hey dear readers :)
I'm sorry I hadn't updated  for a long time :( School's keeping me busy and it's draining my creativity so I don't even know what to write about sometimes.

But this time i do.

As it is clearly stated above, today's post is about friendship. I would give you the definition of friendship, but I'll just be giving you something I google'd. Besides, we all know what it is.

We all have read friendship poems, friendship stories, watched movies relevant to friendship and etc, and we all have heard the 'friendship lasts forever' sentence.

well, NEWSFLASH! not all friendships last forever. Sorry to rain on your parade dudes and dudettes, but you know it, I know it, so why not just put it out there. Welcome to reality.

Am I being pessimistic? maybe. But you have got to admit, there's at least a spark of truth in that.

We, as human, as different individuals, walk different paths in order to live our own lives and sometimes, friendship gets lost along the way. Undoubtedly, sometimes we find it again.

In my opinion, even the most solitude people needs at least one other person to talk to. That person would be called a friend.

In order to keep friendships running, it'll need hard work from both sides. If only one person is trying, it'll just won't work out. It's like the whole point of a friendship - it needs support from both sides. It's like a building, if it doesn't have enough support, it'll come crashing down, hurting the people in it. Of course, sometimes it just fades away and it doesn't even give much of an impact.

Here's a story.
Last year, I had this certain person who I took for as a friend. We went through a lot, it was really rocky, and it was really twisted. Let's just say it was no ordinary friendship. We didn't have much in common too, actually. But I enjoyed the company, I enjoyed it very much. I had grown so fond of that friendship, then suddenly, it just stopped. The 'friend' stopped replying my texts, and didn't even give me a hint of existence. I was hurt. After some time, I decided to stop caring about it. I mean, we were strangers before, and it seems that we are back to that state again. Why would I care for someone who doesn't care about me and besides, I have wasted too much care on that person and so far it has gotten me nowhere. But lets just say, I wouldn't be the one feeling sorry if one day, (Allah forbid), my name happens to be in the paper, in an article, saying that I'm not walking on this earth any more.

I took it as a life lesson. 

Here's another story:
In my previous school, I had this friend that I had been close to for a year. She changed so much. All of our friends were noticing. Once, I even cried about it. And even after i transferred schools, I still keep updated about my friends from my previous school. She changed even more.  I don't even know her anymore, but I guess we're still acquaintances, we don't have anything against each other or anything.

And another one, the most important one of all: 
It kinda started with a phone call, and now we're best friends. We never get to see each other but it doesn't matter. We used to go to the same school, but I transferred. Even when we were schoolmates, we didn't talk to each other. We smile to each other when we meet, but there was never an actual conversation. We have really different personalities, come to think of it, it's kinda funny. We started chatting online, and we traded our phone numbers, and you know the rest. We tell each other everything. My best friend helped me through a lot of tough times, and I can say, I have returned the favour. We even have a deal, we are permitted to contact each other 24/7. One time, my best friend was going through a tough time, and said "sometimes I just want to get on my motorcycle, and go really fast, and crash into a lorry..." these words really hit me. Tears immediately collected in my eyes. To think that my best friend would be gone forever and I wasn't able to stop it. Even though I know he meant no harm in it, but it is really just saddening to me. The trust between us that we built, is just amazing. My best friend is probably the only reason I still have my phone active nowadays. I hope we'll grow old together.

I even have friends on the net that I have never met in real life, never heard their voices, but just saw pictures of them. And there are some that I am closer to than the friends I meet in real life.

So there. Friendships are fragile, so we must try out best to keep it safe. I would like to thank my friends, you know who you guys are! :D

Thursday, January 13, 2011

And the drama begins...


I can see the drama in school is starting. 
I'll just need to find a way to keep out of it. 

my boo = boo ku = buku . :P

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A calculation of a student's time.

"If we subtract the estimated time we use to sleep which is 8 hours a night (56 hours a week) from a week which has 168 hours, we would have 112 hours remaining. From 112 hours, subtract the total number of school hours which is estimated to be around 35 hours, the students would only have 77 hours worth of free time. Estimated only 8 hours on weekdays and 18 and 1/2 hours per day on weekends. Still, students students must eat, do their homework, study, go to tuition, attend extra classes in that small amount of time".

This is from my debate text, from 2009. 
The motion was "students should be allowed to work during the school holidays".

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Saya tak sabar nak ke sekolah!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t (sila baca dgn nada budak2 sekolah time cikgu masuk kelas). He he he.

Esok hari pertama saya akan ke sekolah sebagai pelajar tingkatan 3. Sepatutnya hari ni, tapi dapat cuti sempena kemenangan Harimau Malaya dalam AFF Suzuki Cup 29 Disember 2010 yang lalu.

*epic gila kan dapat cuti hari pertama sekolah! lol

Nampak tajuk kat atas tu? nampak tak? tak nampak? ish ish ish, tak lama la tu. OK, berhenti merapu.
Tajuk post kali ni memang skema. Sebab memang saya seorang yang skema. =___=  tetapi saya bangga dengan ke-skema-an saya. ha ha ha. ngeng. 

Memang tak sabar nak ke sekolah! Jumpa kawan-kawan, jumpa cikgu, belajar, tulis tulis dan terus menulis sampai tangan sakit... -__- kan best gitu. 

Mama dad Daddy selalu cerita pasal time kecik-kecik dulu. Al-kisahnya, sebelum masuk Sekolah Rendah Islam Pintar (kira SRIP tu macam tadika la), masuk pusat jagaan kat universiti tempat parents kerja kan, 1 bulan bayar RM300, tapi saya duduk kat situ 3 hari je :P 

nak tau sebab apa? sebelum saya start sekolah, dah banyak kali dah ikut parents hantar abang kat sekolah dia, sekolah dia ada meja, ada kerusi, etc etc etc... tapi, pusat jagaan ni, kerusi dan meja pun tak ada. hanya satu-satunya whiteboard kat situ pulak, 3 hari saya duduk sana, 'cikgu' tak pernah sentuh pun. Kalau tak silap, ade tertulis huruf 'ba' dalam bahasa jawi besar-besar. 
Budak-budak yang ada kat sana pun, budak-budak kecik. Buat apa? makan, tido, main, tu je. 
Mak kata setiap hari balik dari tempat tu, mulut tah berhenti komplen. ha ha kecik-kecik dah pandai komplen. :P 

Long story short, tiba la pulah jari pertama masuk SRIP. Budak-budak lain ramai yang nangis tak nak mak bapak tinggalkan kat situ. Tapi saya siap lambai lagi kat mak dah ayah "bai bai~!" ha ha pelajar terlampau cemerlang. 

Lepas 2 tahun kat SRIP, masuk SK Kompleks Gong Badak pulak. Masuk je kelas, usha orang. survey setiap manusia dalam kelas tu. Last-last pilih Eleeza, sejak hari tu, terus kawan baik! Alhamdulillah sampai sekarang tak pernah gaduh sekali pun :D walaupun kita tak rapat seperti dulu, kita tetap kawan. Syiok sangat berkawan dengan dia, sampai hari tu terlupa kena jumpa abang kat kantin masa rehat. hahaha!

Tersenyum pulak kalau terngat time kecik-kecik dulu. 
Nak cerita pasal first day sekolah menengah, tapi tak ada benda yang menarik terjadi. Wat letih jari je tekan-tekan butang keyboard nanti, esok kan nak sekolah, kene simpan tenaga lol

muka depan.
muka belakang.

sorry tak rotate -___-
sejak dari darjah 5 saya suka hias buku nota sendiri. :) 

Sebelum nak publish post, nak mintak tolong boleh tak?

Tolong doakan saya dan kawan-kawan saya berjaya dalam PMR 2011 ea?
Terima Kasih.

Moga Allah merahmati kita semua.

ingat DUIT ;)

D ->Doa
U ->Usaha
I -> Istiqamah 
T -> Tawakkal

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Au revoir, 2010.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
How ya'll doing? 

So today is the first day of 2011 :) Alhamdulillah, we all made it this far. hahaha.

A LOT of stuff happened in 2010. Good stuff and bad stuff. But the bad stuff will make me stronger for the future cause hey, life isn't a bed of roses. Well, maybe it is, roses do have thorns. so HAH.

  • Had stress issues leading to multiple emotional breakdowns.
  • transferred from SMKA Tok Jiring to SMK Kompleks Gong Badak.
  • Made awesome friends online and in real life. hahaha.
  • ETP Drama Class madness!
  • Boys and hormones. I'm not telling you any further lol
  • Went to the Philippines
Well, that didn't sound like much. well, whatevs.

I enjoyed the trip to The Philippines very much! I miss it already :'(
I didn't even go anywhere besides the mall. I didn't do anything tourist-like except buy souvenirs. hahaha
I even skipped shopping with family a couple of times to watch anime with my cousin and aunt.
My aunt finished watching Avatar book 1 and book 2 non-stop. She didn't sleep that night. cool aunt! hahaha
I watched Gate Keepers and Gate Keepers 21 with my cousin for about 12 hours in a row maybe? It was a-w-e-s-o-m-e!
So if people ask me "what did you do there?" I'll answer in all honesty, "oh, nothing much, just watched a lot of anime marathons with my cousin."

Well, here's what I'm hoping for in 2011:
  • Get great results in my PMR exam.
  • less/no more boy-related problems
  • Lose weight (not counting too high on that lol)
  • become a good Blogger and gain more followers. biar blog gempak gitu. HAHA

That's all I can think of right now :P

may this year be better than out past years.
Sorry for any wrong doings towards you.
May Allah bless you. 
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥