Friday, January 14, 2011


so hey dear readers :)
I'm sorry I hadn't updated  for a long time :( School's keeping me busy and it's draining my creativity so I don't even know what to write about sometimes.

But this time i do.

As it is clearly stated above, today's post is about friendship. I would give you the definition of friendship, but I'll just be giving you something I google'd. Besides, we all know what it is.

We all have read friendship poems, friendship stories, watched movies relevant to friendship and etc, and we all have heard the 'friendship lasts forever' sentence.

well, NEWSFLASH! not all friendships last forever. Sorry to rain on your parade dudes and dudettes, but you know it, I know it, so why not just put it out there. Welcome to reality.

Am I being pessimistic? maybe. But you have got to admit, there's at least a spark of truth in that.

We, as human, as different individuals, walk different paths in order to live our own lives and sometimes, friendship gets lost along the way. Undoubtedly, sometimes we find it again.

In my opinion, even the most solitude people needs at least one other person to talk to. That person would be called a friend.

In order to keep friendships running, it'll need hard work from both sides. If only one person is trying, it'll just won't work out. It's like the whole point of a friendship - it needs support from both sides. It's like a building, if it doesn't have enough support, it'll come crashing down, hurting the people in it. Of course, sometimes it just fades away and it doesn't even give much of an impact.

Here's a story.
Last year, I had this certain person who I took for as a friend. We went through a lot, it was really rocky, and it was really twisted. Let's just say it was no ordinary friendship. We didn't have much in common too, actually. But I enjoyed the company, I enjoyed it very much. I had grown so fond of that friendship, then suddenly, it just stopped. The 'friend' stopped replying my texts, and didn't even give me a hint of existence. I was hurt. After some time, I decided to stop caring about it. I mean, we were strangers before, and it seems that we are back to that state again. Why would I care for someone who doesn't care about me and besides, I have wasted too much care on that person and so far it has gotten me nowhere. But lets just say, I wouldn't be the one feeling sorry if one day, (Allah forbid), my name happens to be in the paper, in an article, saying that I'm not walking on this earth any more.

I took it as a life lesson. 

Here's another story:
In my previous school, I had this friend that I had been close to for a year. She changed so much. All of our friends were noticing. Once, I even cried about it. And even after i transferred schools, I still keep updated about my friends from my previous school. She changed even more.  I don't even know her anymore, but I guess we're still acquaintances, we don't have anything against each other or anything.

And another one, the most important one of all: 
It kinda started with a phone call, and now we're best friends. We never get to see each other but it doesn't matter. We used to go to the same school, but I transferred. Even when we were schoolmates, we didn't talk to each other. We smile to each other when we meet, but there was never an actual conversation. We have really different personalities, come to think of it, it's kinda funny. We started chatting online, and we traded our phone numbers, and you know the rest. We tell each other everything. My best friend helped me through a lot of tough times, and I can say, I have returned the favour. We even have a deal, we are permitted to contact each other 24/7. One time, my best friend was going through a tough time, and said "sometimes I just want to get on my motorcycle, and go really fast, and crash into a lorry..." these words really hit me. Tears immediately collected in my eyes. To think that my best friend would be gone forever and I wasn't able to stop it. Even though I know he meant no harm in it, but it is really just saddening to me. The trust between us that we built, is just amazing. My best friend is probably the only reason I still have my phone active nowadays. I hope we'll grow old together.

I even have friends on the net that I have never met in real life, never heard their voices, but just saw pictures of them. And there are some that I am closer to than the friends I meet in real life.

So there. Friendships are fragile, so we must try out best to keep it safe. I would like to thank my friends, you know who you guys are! :D

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