Saturday, January 22, 2011

My phantomrider

Hey readers :) 

If you guys noticed, I write poetry. I don't write as good as some other people, but it's how I express my feelings and if it satisfies me, I don't see why  I should care about what other people think.

Last night, as I was just about to doze of to dreamland, I got inspired to write this.

This time, this poem is based on a song. The song is 'Phantomrider' by Tokio Hotel.

Here's a video of the song for those who haven't listened to it yet.

Without further ado, I present to you... 'My Phantomrider'.

I'll kiss you goodbye
as a million sparks fall down
if you really trust me
don't turn that wheel around
if you're words are true
I'll be waiting for you.

Why do you drive alone?
dark and cold is the night
you won't make it on your own
you'll die tonight.

The promises you scratched
promises of you and me
they remain on my seat
the seat remaining empty.

you believe it's real
I doubt it's a game
phantom, you're so mysterious
you don't even know my name.

I'll wait on the other side
where you promised to meet me
phantom, keep thy word
thy angel awaits thee.

I'll give you a final kiss goodbye
before you slip into the night,
I'm unwilling to leave you alone
but phantomriders
always die on their own.

Yeah, it's rusty in some parts, but my poems always are :P
If you listened to the song, the song is from the Phantomrider's side. This poem is made to make it sound like the angel's point of view. You can see the lyrics and the words are somewhat similar, that's because I based it off of the lyrics. 

*comments and advice are most welcome!

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