Sunday, February 6, 2011

For Asmi

This is for you. Sincerely, from me.

Although love is blind
it always finds it's way
I guess mine is still lost
but it'll make it someday

Perhaps we took a wrong turn
and we accidentally meet
or maybe it was right
but timing didn't allow it

Pity love didn't have directions
nor a clear destination
it's God's masterpiece
so who am I to question?

I pray for your future
may it have less rain than sunshine
and may I be kept afar
so I can find mine

Remember to pick your words wisely
keep her from ever feeling lonely
do everything you can to make her happy
give her reasons to feel lucky

Hush now, walk away
may your good days get better
take good care of yourself
and take greater care of her

May both of you be under Allah's grace :)

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