Monday, September 12, 2011

Eid and lights

Assalamualaikum wbt.

This blog has turned into a desert, I know. I didn't even post an Eid post o__O ... Never got around it, I guess. OK, let's do this by topic.

1. Eid

Eid was fun, but not as fun as past years. I didn't even get to meet Uncle Salleh's (my fater's eldest brother) family :(  What I got to do though, was go watch a movie at the cinema with my brother and cousins. This year, there was only four of us. That's the least so far! We watched "Hantu Bonceng" - an action comedy movie. It was awesome! Me and Uteh ( my cousin ) wore our Eid outfits LOL. The holiday for Eid this year was so short! TOO SHORT ==" I spent 3 nights at my Grandma's house in Rompin, Pahang then we made our way to Johor Bahru, Johor. We stayed at my uncle's house for two nights.

In Rompin, the whole family was busy preparing for Eid, as always. We made Burasak and Ketupat. My aunt and cousins cooked other side-dishes to go with them, of course. I can't cook ;___;  I didn't really help in making the Ketupat, but I did help in making the Burasak, I swear! Don't believe me? Ask my grandma lol. Burasak is a traditional dish of the Bugis community. You see, my dad is of Bugis descendant. Starting from my dad and upwards, everybody is Bugis :) Man, I wish I knew how to speak Buginese (does that term exist?). I only know a few phrases and words, thanks to my uncles. My father's siblings can speak it, but he can't. He understands most of it, though. Cooking burasak is a long process, it has many steps, and it takes about 6 hours to cook on a stove! It turned out marvelous, but it still didn't reach my grandma's bar. Haha, oh well, people ate it anyways! I hope next year will be better, InsyaAllah :)

The Burasak, before cooking.

Endau, Johor. Wet market. They were playing with the bull's head. Digging the brains out and what not.

2. Eid celebration at school. 

It was marvelous! I had so much fun :) I brought along my camera and I managed to take a lot of pictures which of course, ended up on Facebook that night :P The food was nice, we paid for it the week before, so let's just say it's a good thing it was delicious! My friends and I didn't really bother for food, we were busy taking pictures. The had an open Karaoke booth right in the middle of the assembly, where tents have been put up for the classes' "open house". A lot of people took the chance to show off their talents.

Happy 54th anniversary of independence, Malaysia <3

Puan Norma a.k.a Ibu sropped by! :D

The principal and me :) I kinda ruined the colour :(

I also hurt my toe on that day. The middle one on my right foot. I accidentally indirectly sat on it using a chair (that may not make sense but that was how it was lol). I sat on the chair while one of the chair's feet was on my foot. I screamed. Lucky I was in class, and not in the middle of the celebration. At first I thought it would be over soon, but then it started bleeding. There's like a hole in my toe. Still haven't healed completely, but it doesn't hurt anymore. I wear bandages on it when needed, and when I do, I draw a smiley on it. Haha, I did that in school the other day, and I was practically showing it off to my friends. I was like "Hey wanna meet my friend?" Hahahaha. I still managed to get through the day. Thanks to my Sarah and Ainun, who helped me a lot! <3 Then I spent time with Tehah, Wani and Shafa just wandering around different areas, taking pictures and just loitering :P

Also on that day, the school invited a few journalists from a local newspaper to take pictures of the celebration. It was a nice view seeing students and teachers smiling, holding the Jalur Gemilang.

Best Eid celebration yet!  More photos here. Tomorrow, my school will hold the Merdeka run. Other competitions will also be held. I intended on entering the poem recitation, but backed out. I was worried that it might take me out of my classes and whatever. Maybe some other time :)

3. Lip-lap project

OK, this is me trying to be hipster. Haha. "Lip-lap" is what people in my district use for "flicker". It isn't pronounced the same way as the English words for "lip" and "lap" hahaha. I made my father promise me to put flickering lights in my room even since Eid. Haha, you see, during Eid, people like to decorate their house with these.(if you're still not getting it, they're basically Christmast lights, only for Eid LOL) ;P
I was ready with the ladder to take down the lights from the garage, but Mom suggested that it would be easier if we just buy new ones. Suggestion: accepted. Haha. My dad and I went to 2 stores looking for them. Eid season was almost over, so it was hard. The first store had them, but they're not the right ones Haha picky me. The second store, which I managed to persuade my father to check out had the most perfect ones! And it was so cheap! I got two boxes of them. My father helped to put them up in my room later than night.

before I knew what to do with them

Starfish. But they look (kinda) like stars. (Obviously)

view from below.

end product.

I guess that's it for now!

PMR is in 21 days! o__o and I'm still a lazy sloth ==" wargh, Please pray for me :)

Assalamualaikum, take care :)

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