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When I feel like opposing stuff


Hye, it's 1:44am and I can't sleep so I thought "Time to blog! :D" . My common sense > your common sense. DEAL WITH IT.
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So today, or actually yesterday, I went to the finale of The Great Gender Debate I told you about. So there was 2 categories, Bahasa Melayu and English. I thought it was the final for the English category, but I misread the schedule and turns out the final for the English category was on Friday :( oh well, I enjoyed watching the final for the Bahasa Melayu category.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I favor English over my mother-tongue in an extremist (if I may use that word) way, it's that I wanted to see the English category because I participated in English Parliamentary-style debate competitions in school before, and I think I could learn a lot from watching. People don't take me to enter Bahas Bahasa Melayu, though :( I wouldn't trust myself to represent the school too :P If it was something inside the school, maybe I'd give it a try :D

I followed my mom to her office, then we made our way to the Sultan Mizan Hall (the venue of the closing ceremony + final debate). I was shocked when I saw students from my school walked in o_____o" ! I literally said "What are THEY doing HERE?!?!" . It was cool, I met some of my friends :D After the VIPs came, they kicked it off with a gimmick. A few men in traditional Baju Melayu costumes came in and one of them, the leader, carried the Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil trophy. Accompanying them was 2 rows of very pretty ladies, dressed in white dresses.

the gimmick

So, moving on...
It was between Universiti Malaya (as the government) and Universiti Malaysia Pahang (as the opposition). The motion was "Gender Quota at Malaysia's Public Higher Learning Institutions". Personally, I have been on the opposition team from the start. Not because I'm a fan of UMP or whatever, but I personally disagree with the motion.

government - Speaker of the House - opposition

The "government"'s reason to make a quota? To minimize the gap of the number of female students and male students in higher learning institutions. If I'm not mistaken men are only 1/5 of the whole amount of students in higher learning institutions. The quota will be depending on the majority gender that applied, and depending on the institutions themselves to apply what they think is necessary. Let me explain, if more women applied, then the 65% will go to them, and vice versa but in institutes that focus more on military or technical stuff, they have the liberty to set the quota according to what they think is suitable. Even if the a quota is set, the applicants would still need to be worthy of acceptance into the institutions. So they will carry out both a merit system and the quota. 

Yeah, I think I got that part right. I was sitting at the back, and sometimes I didn't manage to capture what they were saying. I didn't write anything down, too. I am lazy. Woah that's the surprise of the century.

Well, I am not a University student, nor am I an educator, nor am I a minister but I find the suggestion flawed. Wouldn't it be a little biased? I mean the slightly weak applicants of the dominating gender would have more chances of getting accepted than the possibly more eligible applicants of the other gender. Yeah, they would still be "eligible" but who deserves it more? The problem itself, I think it would be best if it is attended to from the source of the problem. It's not like men have to go through more interviews to get into these institutions or something, you know what I mean, gender is not something that effects your admittance.

It was mentioned that the number of men that apply are less than that of women. Instead of giving them a higher chance of making it, I think it's be best if we address this problem by preventing it. I mean like, do something while they're still in school, because before applying to a higher education institution, you need to do well in school first right? I don't see how setting a quota would solve the problem of the gap :/

What do you think? 
Leave a comment below :)

Then, it was the closing ceremony.
First was the poem recitation. Then the traditional dance, "Ulek Mayang" . You don't even know how much I like "Ulek Mayang"! The history of the dance itself is filled with myths and stuff. Some people find it creepy, but I even used it to fall asleep :P Then the same group performed a 1Malaysia dance. Next, choir. The best performance of the day, I'd say! The female solo vocalist, that girl has talent, REAL talent. They performed 3 songs.

Ulek Mayang performance
the choir.

After that, it was time for speeches.

Finally, the prize giving ceremony. In the Bahasa Malaysia category, UMP emerged as champion, and UM  was 1st runner up. In the English category, UiTM was champion, followed by Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas). Champions received RM7000, certificates, books, and of course, the trophy. 2nd place went back with RM3500, certificates and books.

The best debaters were Siti Aishah Mustapha from UMP for the BM category, and Maizura Mokhsin from UiTM for the English category. They received prize money worth RM500 and a certificate.

CONGRATULATIONS! to all participants and their universities, whether stated here, or not. :)

Man, I miss the debate experience while I was in SMKA Tok Jiring. This year sucked. I'm just gonna say it like that. It was 2009, first year of secondary school. I miss the long hours of preparation, the anxiety. I am blessed to share the experience with Kak Aishah, Kak Raihan, Kak Aina and Kak Afini - all of them are my seniors by 3 years. Not to forget the teachers who guided us from the start, we were all beginners. Teacher Wan, Teacher Dayang, Teacher Normala, Teacher Rosidah <3 Being on stage, trying not to stutter, when the crowd cheers in agreement, the satisfaction when being able to answer the opponent's Point of Information. The frustration and anger when we got the wrong motion. Man, were we pissed!  I miss those. I missed a lot of classes during that period of time, but the experience is priceless!

p.s it's 3:15am now. bye.

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