Sunday, December 4, 2011


We're in the forest,
birds were chirping,
trees as green as ever,
and rays from the sun,
made the river shimmer,
t'was a flawless summer.

We're in the river,
you and me,
just you and me,
nothing but calm water in between,
you held my hand,
and gave me strength,
I closed my eyes,
immersing myself in the moment.

suddenly the currents got violent,
the sky turned dark,
thunder roared fiercely,
and the trees were burning,
but I still had you,
so I thought.

I stared into your eyes,
trusted you, believed,
I held onto you tighter,
to trust was a mistake.

water rose to my chin,
my hands were empty then,
you were far, and going further,
I kept trying to reach you,
as I slowly drown I realise,
you didn't drift away,
you let me go.

You left me to drown.

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