Friday, December 16, 2011

Realistic dream.

Last night
At about half past two
I couldn’t sleep
I was thinking of you

I switched off the lights
And my mind wandered free
I thought about you
And I thought about me

In the silent darkness
I found serenity
I closed my eyes
And escaped reality

You were in front of me
I knew it wasn’t real
But the heavy heartache
I could no longer feel

In that moment
all the pain faded away
In that moment
I'd like to stay

My memories were no more
than leaves in autumn
like the wilted flowers
that used to blossom

I could feel your presence
But somehow I knew
It wasn’t happening
Even if I wanted it to

Suddenly you turned around
And ran away from me
In that second my dream
Was the same as reality

You’re not in my life any more
And there’s nothing I can do
Except keep moving on
And stop remembering you.

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