Friday, December 28, 2012

Tips on surviving high school

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Hello there, I hope these final days of 2012 are treating you nicely :) School is starting in a few days, and I will officially be a Form 5 student! *fanfare + confetti*. My high school experience so far has been quite enjoyable, with a dash of 'I hate this' here and there. But hey, it's school, what do you expect? I went to 3 different high schools (still am attending one of them for one more year), and each school have been different from the others, in it's own way. First I was in a Sekolah Agama (Islamic school), then I went to a regular school, and finally enrolled in a fully residential science school.

Having just one more year of this, and still being alive and sane (I think) I think I am eligible to give out tips on surviving high school. These are just very general tips that I think can be used by students of all school types. Oh well, at least it helped me. Hope these will help!

1. Make friends

Friends are very important. They play a big part in our lives. They're the people we share our laughter and tears with. As we are prone to be influenced by the people we spend time with, it is very important that we have good friends. Friends that stay through think and thin, and help us improve ourselves. It's best to keep away from peers that constantly get into trouble, and persuade you to break the rules, etc. It's good that if you have your own group of friends, or clique, but be friends with everyone. Different people will have different effects on your life. Plus, the more the merrier! Keep in mind that quality beats quantity. Don't worry in you're not popular in school. Be grateful for the great friends you have, because  some people may have a hard time trying to find true friends. Being popular is not important.

2. Be organized 

It's easier if you have your things organized. Then, you wont lose important papers, books, stationery, and so on. Ever lost homework you worked had on, and had to re-do it? It's really frustrating! What I do is I regularly re-organize my desk and locker (face it, I'm not the most neat person) whenever I feel it's getting untidy. Having a clutter-free workspace helps while doing homework and studying. Another example of being organized is writing down all homework and assignments, so that you don't forget any. What I did was put sticky-notes in my workbooks/textbooks with a list of homework. I know a friend who has a little notebook specifically to keep track of homework. If you're active in co-curricular activities, it'll help if you have a planner so that you'll have a clearer view of the time you actually have. Another important thing is to be punctual. Try to be early or on time to all your classes and meetings. It shows discipline and you won't miss anything. When you are late, apologise for your tardiness and try your best that it won't happen again.

3. Work hard, play hard 

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Being balanced is a key to having a great high school experience. You don't want to be a robot, but at the same time you don't want to be the kid who just plays until all the grades goes flying out the window. Playing sports and exercising increases endorphins which makes you feel happier and healthier. Computer games, or hobby like drawing, painting, chess, can help in decreasing stress. This may vary from one person to the next, because we all have different preferences and interests. But we have to know when to stop playing and start working, or even when to close the exercise books and start doing something fun.

4. Do homework

I admit, I have trouble with this one sometimes, but at least I do try to complete my work. Homework helps you to understand lessons and master skills. If you have trouble, ask your friends. When you still don't get it, consult your teacher. Besides, we all can spare the lecture and punishment.

5. Study 

Can I be more obvious? If you want excellent results, you have to work for it. I know studying can be such a drag sometimes, but seriously, here's a straw, suck it up. Hahaha just kidding. Find ways to make studying fun. Study groups are really good, but make sure that there is actual studying going on. Please guys, don't cheat in exams. You may get good grades because of it, but think about it, it wasn't you who did well in that exam. If you keep depending on other people, you will never unleash your own capabilities. What a shame.

6. Don't over-think

Over-thinking. I do this all the time, especially during exams. You see, whenever I feel like I am incapable of doing something I have to, my confidence drops really low. This year, I ended up over-thinking, and crying over upcoming exams two times. And to think I'll have to face more exams next year. Urgh. When we over-think, we tend to expect a negative outcome while in reality, it isn't that bad at all. When you are over-thinking, just stop for a second, take a deep breath, and slap yourself in the face. Of course sometimes we feel like we don't know what we're doing, what we're going to do when we're older, and other endless questions. But that's just it, we don't know everything. And this is the journey of finding out the answers, even to questions we never asked.  Just try your best, and pray for the best. Don't be so hard on yourself. :)

7. Avoid people you dislike

Trust me. If you don't like somebody, avoid them. Don't spread hate about them, don't talk about them behind their backs and don't spread rumours about them. Think of it this way, if you don't like cats, you wouldn't be hanging around them, right? It keeps you away from being annoyed.

8. Avoid drama

Drama, drama, drama. So cliché. Being surrounded by drama is a distraction. It can annoy you, it can mess up your emotions, and before you know it, everything is just all over the place. This goes out especially to the girls. Why must girls make mountains out of molehills? Urgh. You know what annoys me, when people make unnecessary drama about petty things. Talk about attention thirsty. Don't even get me started about boy-drama. Just let me advise you this, don't forget why you're in school the first place. You're there to get an education, to build a better future for yourself. Don't blow it off. 

9. Relax

Relax from time to time. Indulge yourself in what makes you feel good. Sit back and smell the roses. Lay down, and listen to music. Read a good book and drink a cup of your favourite tea. Do nothing. "Il dolce far niente" - the sweetness of doing nothing. Occasional relaxing time can be very refreshing and you'll be ever prepared to continue doing other things. Manage stress wisely. You don't want to end up depressed. Believe me, I've been there.

10. Look your best

When you look good, you feel good. Dress neatly. Dress for success. Personal hygiene is a must. :)b

11. Bullies? 

If you're being bullied, get help. Bullying can happen in many forms, physically and verbally. Please don't bully other people. Instead, stand up against it and help others who are experiencing the same thing. If you're doing nothing wrong, and there are people who are unhappy about it (haters talking behind your back),  ignore them. Soon enough they'll get bored. When somebody tries to bring you down, remember that they're doing that because you are already above them. Talking bad about other people won't make you any better.

12. Smile

Smile, everyday. It's sunnah! It's easy and it's free. It lifts up your mood, and it can even brighten someone else's day. Smile, even to people you don't know. Just be careful about what smile you are giving. You don't want to give people the wrong message. Hahaha. Smile, it's charity. :)

13. Get your priorities straight

Sometimes you get carried away with other things, like sports and competitions, and then your grades slip. I'm not saying that you shouldn't engage in co-curricular activities, but always make sure that you're doing well in class. I remember the words my dad said when I was in primary school; Even if you have many certificates, you won't get into good schools with bad grades. Even if you have other stuff going on, try your best to not miss class.

14. Stay on your teacher's good side

Being in the teacher's good books really help. Just be a good student. Be early for classes, pay attention, respect the teacher, finish the homework, etc. When the teachers like you, classes are better. Even if you're not getting good grades, the teacher will be more than happy to help you. Being a kiss-up is unnecessary, and your classmates will probably hate you for it. Believe me, when the teacher dislikes you, classes can be hell! If you did something wrong like offend your teacher or something, apologize. It's better than going mental.

15. Manage grades

Keep track on how you're doing in exams, and try your best. Know where your strong and weak points are.     Good grades will help you when you're applying for college or university, and it also has satisfaction that comes with it. When you are excelling, don't get cocky, because things can change. Just try your best in exams. It'll do you a lot of good.

16. Have goals

In exams, or any other activity that you're involved in, make goals for yourself. Goals can be short-term, and long-term. It is advisable to have both. Write them down in you notebook, stick it on your desk, or bedroom wall, anywhere that you see often, so that you feel constantly motivated to reach it.

17. Engage in activities

Try new things! Spice up you life a little. For me, I try to engage in other activities and competitions because it can change the boring daily routine. I can't stand doing the same thing repeatedly day after day. Participating in other activities can be really fun, and you can learn and gain new experience at the same time. Who knows, you might even make some new friends. Sometimes school is boring because you don't try to make it fun. Spending time with friends strengthens friendships and make good memories.

18. Take care of yourself

Take care of your health. I know sometimes we students like to miss school, but missing a whole day can mean missing a lot. Being sick itself is a bummer, school or no school. Everyone know the numbness of returning to school after missing it, even for a day. You don't know what's going on, what happened, you're behind on lessons, etc. When you miss school or class, ask a friend to write down the work for you, and teach you what you've missed. Taking care of your health is essential not just because of school, but simply, health is wealth. Even going to school with a case of the sniffles or cough can be really annoying.

19. Pray

This is very important. It is important that you have a good relationship with God. Pray for yourself, pray for others. Allah is Almighty, and we are weak. Pray that He eases our lives, and bestows His blessing upon us. Face it, everything happens with His will. So, keep calm, and pray. Insya Allah :)


So I guess that's it.High school will end. Some people say it's the best years of their lives, some people say the complete opposite. While you're there, might as make the best out of it.  Try your best, and I wish you the best!


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Will you be the man?

Will you be the man
that I see everyday
the one who leads
when it's time to pray

Will you be the man
I prepare breakfast for
the one I cherish
the one I adore

Will you be the man
my father will approve
advise my faults
and help me improve

Will you be the man
who travels with me
around the whole world
and across the sea

Will you be the man
whose fingers will twine
so perfectly fitted
in between mine

Will you be the man
my children call father
the one who loves them
and share tears and laughter

Will you be the man
who is always with me
here, and hereafter
forever, for eternity

Will you be my man?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Vietnam trip

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

So Alhamdulillah baru-baru ni selamat pergi dan pulang dari Vietnam. Didn't really do much there, actually. Maybe next time :)

4hb Disember naik flight dari Terengganu ke KL. Tidur satu malam kat sana, then bangun awal pagi sebab flight ke Vietnam awal pagi. Dahla pagi tu bangun lewat. Pukul 6.30 pagi nak keluar, pukul 6.15 baru bangun. Hahaha, nasib sempat!

Sampai Ho Chi Minh tengah hari, lepas tu naik bas 3-4 jam ke Can Tho. Aku tidur dalam bas, berapa kalu terhantuk kepala, hampir tergigit lidah. -_______- Sepanjang jalan tu nampak sawah-sawah padi. Orang kat sana mengamalkan perkuburan mengikut keluarga. So, tengah-tengah sawah padi tu ada la kubur-kubur. LITERALLY dekat TENGAH-TENGAH. Ada nampak cafe-cafe tepi jalan letak hammock, which was a cool concept. Mama cakap sebab orang kat sana ramai yang pakai motor, jadi nak betulkan belakang. That makes sense. Imagine cafe tepi pantai yang sediakan tempat duduk hammock. Pergh, boleh jadi idea buka bisnes ni. Hahaha. Mana tau angan-angan jadi kenyataan, kan kan kan?

Malam tu pergi makan dekat satu restoran seafood. Vietnam food is freaking awesome btw! And that was probably the highlight of my stay in Can Tho, lol. Kat sana tak ramai boleh cakap English, jadi susah nak communicate. Jadi semua orang reka sign language olok-olok. Hahaha! Kalau tak paham angguk dan senyum je :3

Oh, btw, Gi Vietnam ni bukan nak cuti-cuti sesaje, tapi mengikut parents pergi International Fisheries Symposium 2012.
2 hari pergi IFS, dengar orang present pasal ikan, all day long. ~____~ nasib ada Twitter. Hehe :P

Malam last dekat Can Tho pergi dekat market yang tepi sungai. Got to taste some of the street food and fruits there. Buah ciku dia besar macam buah mangga beb! :O . Ada satu street food ni dia balut pulut kuning + pulut hitam + ubi (yang dipenyetkan or something) + gula + kacang + kelapa dalam dua keping lempeng. Lempeng ke hah nama dia, nipis gila, macam lempeng, maka lempeng lah dia, kan? k fine whatever. That was really good. :D

Hari kedua dekat IFS tu, masa tea time dia ada serve buah dengan kuih. Orang yang handle tu bagitau yang semua makanan kat symposium tu halal, so aku dan student UMT sorang ni makan la kuih tu. Bila sorang staff tanya orang vietnam dia kata kuih tu nama Pig Skin Cake. Kalau korang, korang bengang tak? -___- Jangan risau, kuih tu diperbuat daripada beras, and completely vegetarian. Phew.
Hello Ho Chi Minh

8hb Disember bertolak ke bandar Ho Chi Minh. Tidur dekat Dong Do.  Dekat sana banyak gila restoran Melayu dan orang Melayu datang melancong. Duk kat sana 2 kali kitorang makan dekat Restoran D'Nyonya, iaitu restoran yang memang merupakan branch dari Malaysia. Sedap pulak tu hehehe :3

malas nak rotate. maaf :P
Masjid di Dong Do
1 hari je duk kat sana, so tak sempat nak lawat banyak tempat. First kitorang pergi War Remnant Museum. Lawatan ke museum ni sangatlah emotional, memang aku tak tahan. Aku start menangis tak sampai 10 minit
lepas aku sampai kot ;___; cuba control sebab ramai orang, kalau tak memang nangis cam budak kecik dah aku. Sedih gila tengok. Sebak gila tengok gambar-gambar dari photographers yang pergi Vietnam War tu. It went on for 17 years!! The killing, the hardship, Agent Orange and it's after effects, it's just too overwhelming. Bersyukurlah negara kita tak berperang, alhamdulillah~

Lepas siap round museum tu pergi ke the oh-so-famous Ben Thanh market. Orang yang jual kat sana pandai cakap Melayu, sebab ramai pelancong Melayu datang. Haritu masa kat kedai ada jugak diorang cakap Jepun. That was kinda impressive. The market had some really cool stuff, but I got a really bad headache that day. Kedai dia agak sempit, and ramai gila orang kat situ. Penjual-penjual pulak they literally tap your shoulders and GRAB your arm and pull you to them. NOT EXAGGERATING O____O I kinda planned to scream "Don't touch me, I have a disease!" after that happened to me, lol.

Tak sempat nak pergi tengok water puppet, and ada museum lain. Abang-abang student UMT yang tolong tengokkan aku masa IFS pun cakap diorang pergi Taman Buaya. Awesome gila kot :( Oh well, maybe next time.

Dekat Vietnam ni, all the way from Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho and along the way, banyak gila produk kulit buaya, kulit ular, kulit pari, etc. Memang ekonomi orang situ, rasanya. Oh, and jalan kat sini sumpah 80% motor (sumber: pemerhatian dan anggaran menggunakan formula addmath lol jk). Jalan PENUH dengan motor, and serius tak paham sistem jalan dia. Nak lintas jalan senang je. Jangan pandang kanan kiri, pandang depan je, terus berjalan, jangan terhegeh-hegeh. Yang naik motor pun pakai helmet macam-macam style, siap ada bentuk macam cap Nike lagi, sumpah stylo, haha. Diorang pakai jugak face mask yang ada macam-macam design.

Malam last sebelum balik jalan-jalan dekat kawasan berdekatan hotel. Banyak kedai-kedai dan hotel-hotel. Banyak kedai-kedai yang jual baju-baju and Vietnamese handicrafts. Jalan-jalan lagi sampai ke area kedai-kedai branded. Window shopping je la, haha.
sori gambar blur. tapi nampak betapa hectic traffic tu kan?!

Almost all of the girls there are skinny, I mean I met at most 5 slighly chubby girls there. Not counting the aged, of course. They look so pretty in their Ao Dai, their traditional costume. They don't make big sized Ao Dai though, because that would basically be a punjabi dress lol. And of course I am too fat for Ao Dai :'( me creys. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, the guys there pun boleh tahan :P

So 9 Disember pagi flight back to KL, then malam flight balik Terengganu. :)

And now I am home sweet home, and I will be here until I go back to the hostel on 31st Disember.

 New Year's Eve and already in the hostel. How lovely. NOT.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Something's wrong with me.

Peace and blessings be upon you, in syaa Allah.

These past few days have been a little rough.

Trouble sleeping.

Anger; towards the people around me, towards myself.



Lost it last night.

Perhaps I took a wrong turn somewhere. I guess the only thing I can do now is keep wondering, and hope I end up in a happier place.

Today is better though. Alhamdulillah.

I still don't know how or what to feel. sigh.

Focus, Sofia Aizura, focus. Get yourself together, because no one else is gonna do it for you.


Note: Get out more.

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Hi again! Asslamualaikum w.b.t ^_____^

Dalam post-post yang lepas, aku ada sebut pasal rancangan Dengan Inovasi, Yo! dan harini finale cerita tu baru tayang kat TV, which means, sekarang aku boleh kongsi dengan korang pasal benda ni. 

(benda dah lama berlaku jd x igt details :P)

bulan september, jeng jeng jeng....  

2 kumpulan dari SESMA mula buat persediaan untuk pertandingan DIY peringkat negeri. FYI, setiap peringkat negeri, ada dua sekolah, dan setiap sekolah hantar dua kumpulan. 2 x 2 = 4 . Ok that was unnecessary hahaha. 

Cabaran untuk negeri Terengganu ialah.... KEROPOK LEKOR! 

Skolah aku hantar kumpulan Redang, dan kumpulan Kapas. Cikgu nak nama yang mewakili negeri Terengganu gitu... Aku kumpulan Kapas.

Kumpulan Redang buat burger mini guna doh keropok lekor. Haaa, hebat dak? hebat la der! sodap pulak tu, fuhhh..

well whatever nevermind *Nirvana style*
So, moving on.. Kumpulan aku plak buat Keropok Lekor Finger Bites. Dengar nama pun dah hebat kann. Hahaha perasan lebih ew. Basically kitorang ambik keropok lekor, kitorang tebuk kat tengah, pastu kitorang letak sos kat tengah jadi macam filling. Tapi bukan tu saja! kitorang balut pulak dengan breadcrumbs yang membuatkan keropok tu rangup.. *crunch crunch crunch*

4 hari 4 malam duk gentel keropok kat sekolah tahu tak! Habis tangan bau ikan. Tapi takpe, demi sekolah, i sanggup. *romantik kejap*

Shooting selama 2 hari, hari pertama kat sekolah SHAMS, a.k.a sekolah lawan. hahaha. Semangat kitorang siapkan tempat kat sekolah, rupa-rupanya kena pergi sekolah lain dulu. Apa boleh buat, dah miscommunication. *geleng-geleng kelapa* Hari pertama shooting intro dan cheer dekat SHAMS. Lepas tu balik ke sekolah shoot cara-cara menyediakan keropok. Siap shooting time maghrib. Letih wehh.

Hari kedua lagi parokk. pukul 10.30 sampai kat Sumai Hotel kat bandar, terus start shoot. sepanjang hari, kalau tak shoot, duk terperap dalam waiting room yang sejuk gila x__x lebih lama menunggu dari shoot. Biasala, bergilir. Sampai kat sekolah pukul 8 malam lebih. Sangat sangat sangat sangatlah letih! Kesian kat Teacher kena tunggu sepanjang hari, takde keje, huhu. Lupa nak bagitau, Abang Zoey Rahman jadi host. He was cool btw :D

Yang kelakarnya kat Sumai ni, kitorang pakai baju macam waiter tau. Slacks hitam, kemeja dan vest. Salah sorang member aku ni, ada orang salah ingat dia pekerja kat hotel tu. Hahaha! 

resultnya, Kumpulan Kapas menang, yay! Walaupun kitorang dah tahu menang, kitorang tak boleh bagitau kat sesape pun sampai episod tu keluar. Top secret weh. sangatlah janggal bila orang tanya "dah, menang tak?" pastu jawab "err, tak tau result". Hahaha nasiblah kitorang pandai berlakon *tangan ke bahu mata ke atas*

tapi akhirnya orang lain dapat tahu jugak, masa sekolah dapat call pasal national levels. Tapi bukan kitorang yang pecahkan rahsia okay. Hahaha. 

Cabaran untuk national level ialah untuk "menjana sukarelawan untuk membanteras buli". Haa.. korang konpius tak? Kitorang memang konpius gila masa awal-awal dapat challenge tu. Ape yang dia nak pun taktau. Bila dah dapat penerangan baru faham.. nak buat kempen rupanya. Ohh, cakap awal-awal kan senang. haha jk. 

Masa nak sibuk buat DIY ni jugaklah masa nak Final Year Exam, oh no! Pagi exam, petang DIY, malam study. Lepas exam habis, pagi kelas, petang DIY, malam DIY. Kitorang pakat main prepare je apa yang boleh di-prepare-kan, hahaha. 

Kitorang cadang nak buat flashmob, guna lagu Syakira - waka-waka. Sebab nak buat video, Kitorang berlatih start hari Jumaat selepas orang siap solat Jumaat. petang tu baru belajar step, masa tu 6 orang. Malam tu start ajar orang lain, sampai pukul 11 malam. Tak stretching, habis kejang kaki. esok sambung lagi, adoii. Pagi pergi prep macam biasa. Petang tu, rehearse 2 kali then shoot video. Kitorang nari ramai-ramai depan dewan makan sekolah, yang merupakan tempat ibu bapa datang nak lawat anak-anak. Masa tu memang "peak hours". Saje nak buat nerik hahaha. Pasang lagu waka-waka kuat-kuat pakai speaker, kacau orang nak tido. Hahaha!

Nak ambik peluang ni untuk mengucapkan terima kasih daun keladi kepada Filza, Amirulhusni, Azroy, Thaqif dan adik-adik kerana membantu kami menjayakan "flashmob" ni :P ada peluang kita buat lagi ye, hahaha.

so bla bla bla, tibalah masa nak pergi ke KL. Pergi KL naik van sekolah. Sampai-sampai terus check in dekat GoodHope Hotel, Kelana Jaya. Malam tu ada briefing oleh Miss Yan Shieh, dari crew DIY. Miss Yan Shieh ni baik sangat okay, rindu plak kat dia :( Malam tu jugak kite start kenal-kenal sikit dengan kumpulan dari negeri-negeri lain. 

keesokannya start shooting dekat Petaling Jaya. Awal pagi dah start. Lepas tu shooting and waiting. Q&A session, was ok kot. I wouldn't say terrible, tapi Q&A time state level kitorang ada rasa confident sikit. Judges suruh kitorang menari. Aku bukannya nak kisah sangat, tapi masa tu pakai skirt dan blazer okay. Choreography meloncat-loncat, nampak tak ke-huduh-an dia situ? hahahah. Dan bahagian tu lah diorang tayang kat TV -_____- bagus. 

Kitorang tak dapat masuk top 3, so kitorang tak dapat jalankan kempen. At least kitorang dapat masuk top 6! :D 

Hari keesokannya kitorang free. Apa lagi, shopping! Haha, untunglah hotel dekat dengan Paradigm Mall. Seharian duk kat sana, shopping then akhir dengan tengok wayang. Tengok cerita Sinister. Aku terjerit then teacher pukul aku sebab teacher terkejut hahahaha. Greusome movie btw. Check it out, if you like graphic brutal stuff. 
Beakfast at mamak's with Johor and Pahang teams

Hari lepas tu kitorang ke Fahrenheit 88, di mana kempen-kempen sekolah top 3 jalankan kempen. FYI, negeri-negeri yang dapat masuk Top 3 ialah Sarawak, Perlis and Perak. Lepas visit kempen diorang aku pergi lepak dengan sepupu aku yang tinggal dan kerja kat KL. Hehehe, berpisah dengan yang lain. Malam tu baru balik hotel. Stuck dalam traffic jam kira-kira dua jam, time hujan. Lepas tu serious pikir balik kalau nak duduk kat KL besar nanti, hahaha. Sebelum balik ke hotel singgah kat mamak berdekatan pekena Tom Yam panas, perghh! Bile la KT nak ada mamak. Boleh aku mamak-ing sokmo. sobs sobs. maybe someday! *positive thinking*
Sarawak's campaign. 

Keesokannya pulak, grand finale! Pagi duk chill dalam bilik je, petang pergi Konsert Anugerah Piala Cipta. Happening gila! Good music & great people! One section of the crowd were really hyped! hahaha. Peserta-peserta dapat front seats, which was awesome sebab kitorang sangat close dengan performers. Performers included Floor Fever, Electroxhot with their super awesome dance piece (you guys know I have a thing for dancers, right? ;) ), Tomok, Ila Damia, DJ Fuzz and a surprise, Altimet! My excitement levels went over the roof when they mentioned Altimet was there. Fangirl mode engaged! 

Add caption
So Perak won first place, bringing home RM50,000 while Sarawak and Perlis came in 2nd and 3rd respectively. It was a super fun night and on top of it all, I got to take a picture with Altimet! *insert fangirl squeal here*

(I didn't realize I switched into English :/)

So hari keesokannya (berapa kali dah guna ayat ni dalam post ni haha) kitorang balik ke sekolah. Sampai pukul 8 lebih. The next day dah last day sekolah, hahaha! rasa macam pergi sekolah buat cukup syarat je :P 

Macam tu la pengalaman dengan DIY ni. 

Hehe, selamat tinggal! ^_______^ 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Photographer.

Inspired by: Ariff Romeo
For every passionate photographer.

He tells stories
not for the ears to hear
but for the eyes to see
and for the heart to understand

With a camera in his hands
and passion in his heart
he captures beauty
and he creates art

the stories that he tells
through pictures that he took
shows that he understands
he sees what we overlook

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cuti-cuti di Padang, Indonesia.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t :)

So harini aku nak share sikit pengalaman masa bercuti di Padang, Indonesia. Awal-awal tu macam terkejut jugak sebab sangat sangat sangat sangatlah jarang kitorang sekeluarga pergi bercuti (tak termasuk cuti raya and all that lah). Biasanya kalau seorang ada hal outstation kat mana-mana, kadang-kadang yang lain ikut tapi kalau betul betul legit punya cuti sangat jarang. Ni first time kot!
Yeah, and it was the first time I have ever been to Indonesia.
So, enough with the chit-chat. Leggo!

10 November 2012.

Keluarga aku bertolak ke KL kira-kira pukul 3 petang. Kitorang sampai kat  KL lewat malam, then pitstop kejap kat rumah sepupu di Damansara.

11 November 2012.

Bertolak dari rumah sepupu pukul 4 pagi. Flight pukul 7.50pg. Naik Air Asia. Ada sorang flight attendant tu hensem sangat hahahahaha saje je bagitau :P Sampai kat Minangkabau International Airport, Padang pukul 8.00pg waktu Indonesia. Yep, flight 10 minit je, hahaha. Takdelah, Indonesia lewat satu jam dari Malaysia.
Kami disamut dengan hujan.

Kitorang disambut oleh Om (Uncle) Andre, yang merupakan bekas pelajar kat UMT dulu. Memang percutian ni tak akan berlaku kalau Om Andre tak ada untuk menguruskan semua semasa kitorang berada kat sana. Makasih ya, Pak Andre! :D

First foods in Indonesia. Karipap isi bihun, seriously.
Lepas settle luggage, kitorang keluar pergi restoran Rajawali untuk jumpa dengan Kak Enn (Endreyani), yang merupakan bekas pelajar ayah aku. Lama tak jumpa dia!

Live entertainement.
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Me holding Kak Enn's daughter, Liyana.
Cendol Indonesia lain dari cendol Malaysia. Sodap tau!

 Kemudian kitorang pergi ke pantai yang berdekatan. Buat pengetahuan korang, area ni terjejas masa tsunami dulu, tapi Alhamdulillah rumah-rumah dan bangunan-bangunan yang terjejas dulu dah dibaikpulih :)

Gunung Padang Siti Nurbaya

mi familia
Lepas tu kitorang singgah kejap kat jambatan yang sambungkan mainland ke Gunung Padang Siti Nurbaya.

rumah lama Belanda

Entrance untuk ke Makam Siti Nurbaya

Lepas tu kitorang ke Pantai Air Manis, di mana terletaknya batu berbentuk kapal dan orang yang dipercayai sebagai Malin Kundang dan kapalnya. Ada satu je cara nak ke pantai tu, iaitu melalui jalan bukit yang sempit macam one-way tapi two-way, yang berliku-liku. Jauh weh, tak ingat berapa lama baru sampai. Tapi bila dah sampai macam, wow! Worth the trip. Aku tengok pun macam "WOW! Is this REAL? seriously?!?!" Korang tengok la sendiri.

My bro and I, next to Malin Kundang, or what is left of him.

 So, moral of the story is: Don't be ungrateful and respect your parents.

Sebab nak sampai tu jauh, kitorang chillax kejap kat sana.

people surf here

cool seats!

Kopi telur. Kopi + telur. seriously.

Kitorang dah letih sangat time tu sebab dari 3 pagi berjalan je. Tapi sebelum balik rumah Pak Andre, kitorang singgah kat kedai Es Durian! Time ni camera habis battery (lupa nak charge) so ada sikit je gambar. FYI, Es Durian ni macam ABC, tp rasa durian, dan ada isi durian dalam tu! Sedappp sangat. Rasa macam pengat durian pun ada.

This is how they prepare satay here. Kuah lain.

Abang eating es durian.

Keesokan paginya, kitorang ke Universitas Bung Hatta. Parents nak lawat sekejap.

This isn't the university. It's something I saw along the way. Minangkabau architecture.

 Lepas tu kitorang teruskan perjalanan ke Bukit Tinggi!
Singgah lunch kat tepi pantai, makan Nasi Sek. Sek tu maksud dia 100,000 Rp, iaitu harga nasi tu dulu-dulu. dah faham? hahaha. Nasi Padang, dia akan hidangkan semua lauk, lepas tu kita bayar yang mana kita makan je. Kalau nak makan, kena makan sampai habis, kalau tak, rugi. hahahahaha.

duduk kat pondok

Perjalanan diteruskan. Dapat tengok macam mana kehidupan masyarakat sekeliling. Aku tidur dalam kereta, hahaha :P

Sampai ke kawasan Danau Maninjau, kitorang singgah kat Air Tigo Raso.

Air Tigo Raso ni menjadi tarikan pelancong sebab air ini dikatakan mempunyai tiga rasa, iaitu manis, masam dan pahit. Kolam kecil ini wujud sejak zaman penjajahan Jepun lagi! Orang ramai datang mengunjungi sini sebab air ini dipercayai dapat merawat penyakit, dan buat orang awet muda, "jika yakin pada Allah..." kata Makcik yang menyambut kehadiran kami di sana.

Aku rasa air tu, aku pun tak tau nak cakap apa. Aku rasa, berlainan orang, lain rasanya kot. Hahaha. Kalau berpeluang, rasa la.

Perjalanan masih jauh.

Dalam perjalanan, kitorang singgah kat Museum Rumah Kelahiran Buya Hamka yang juga terletak di Nagari Sungai Batang, Kecamatan Tanjung Raya, Kabupaten Agam, Sumatera Barat.

SMKKGB pernah sampai sini beb! kau hado?

UMT pun pernah sampai la

Koleksi tongkat Buya Hamka

The man.

Rumah Minangkabau, sebelah .

Museum Rumah Kelahiran Buya Hamka
dan.. perjalanan diteruskan... lagi.. (sori tapi takda ayat lain dah)

since 1916.
 Haaa, kat sini start jalan "Lekuk 44". Jalan ni ada 44 liku dalam jarak 8 kilometer, dan turut menjadi tarikan pelancong. Setiap liku tu macam u-turn, selekoh maut, beb. Dahla jalan mendaki, jalan sempit, pastu ada pulak kenderaan yang turun dari atas. Pengalaman yang sangatlah dasyat dan agak menggerunkan.

dia letak nombor kat setiap lekuk

Yayyyy dah habis

 Ingatke lepas 44 liku tu terus sampai ke Bukit Tinggi. Rupa-rupanya jauh lagi! kira-kira maghrib sampai ke Bukit Tinggi. Lpeas check in kat hotel, kitorang ke Jam Gadang. Jam Gadang ni merupakan hadiah daripada Ratu Belanda kepada Controleur. Tak ingat dah yang lain tapi haritu terabaca kat papan info dia, salah satu bahan nak buat menara ini ialah putih telur! What! Hahaha! oh, ia didatangkan menaiki kapal. Macam mana agaknye boleh sampai ke Bukit Tinggi tu, aku tak boleh bayang.

 Lepas tu, shopping!

"Kami tak terima pasangan yang belum nikah. Allah yang melarang!" :)b

13 November 2012

Esok pagi, shopping lagi! Memang tempat ni tempat shopping, kan? Hahaha. Nasib baik lah Daddy pandai menawar.

Keropok Jangek. Made of Cow skin.

These are eels.

Lepas puas shopping kitorang pun beransur pulang ke rumah Pak Andre. Malam tu kitorang dinner dengan Pak Usman, dari Universitas Bung Hatta di salah satu restoran tepi pantai. Ikan Bakar kat restoran ni best gilaa, ikan fresh, bakar pun tak jadi kering. Memang perggghhh! Dahla ada meja yang boleh bersila. Sangat unik.

so Asian haha

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Jus Indonesia ( buah naga + durian belanda )

14 November 2012

Bangun awal pagi, breakfast sekejap then terus ke airport. Sampai Malaysia pukul 9 pagi or so. Lepak rumah sepupu kejap then terus drive balik Terengganu. Sampai rumah sekitar 11 malam.

Habis cerita.
Told with brief explanations and a total of 85 pictures. NOT BAD.

Overall, I enjoyed the trip to Padang. Got to see and experience a lot of new things :)
In Shaa Allah the next big trip will be to Vietnam, in December.

Goodbye, sayangs! xoxo
ok, ew. sorry about that. haha