Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Say what you want to say.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t :) I hope you, dear reader, are in the best of health, physically and mentally.

This is a very random post which I decided to write literally 2 milliseconds ago. Hey, ideas strike when they strike, right? especially during the moments you're talking to yourself in your mind.

Dear reader, have you ever had someone talk ill about you behind your back? Yes? Now, have you talked ill behind someone else's back? It's okay, be honest with yourself. To change, you must first accept what is wrong.You can't find a solution to an unknown problem, can you?

What goes around comes around, they say. What you give you get back. If we ourselves keep speaking ill of others, we can't really blame others for speaking ill of us. To stop others, we must first stop ourselves. May Allah guide us, insyaAllah.

Have you ever been judged by people who know nothing more than your name? Everything you do, there's going to be someone unhappy about it. Have you ever felt pressured to reach someone else's expectations of you?

If you have, here's what I say - forget them.

What is their significance in your life? Are they important to you? Well, those who mind won't matter and those who matter won't mind. You don't need to waste your time trying to impress others, who are obviously struggling to impress themselves. They're probably trying to bring you down because you're already above them. Don't let them bring you down to their level.

You can't really stop people from talking, but you can stop yourself from caring. You can't change the situation, but you can change the way you face it. Besides, should you trust someone who spends more time dwelling in other people's business instead of their own? No, you shouldn't. If they don't even bother to get to know you better, then don't even bother listening.

You are the architect of your own future. Words from other people's mouths don't define who you are. Your actions define who you are. Whether they accept you, is none of your concern. But of course, constructive criticism is much needed in life.

When people praise you, stay humble. Say Alhamdulillah, all praise is to Allah SWT.
When people criticise you, take what you can to improve yourself, then move on.

What I am trying to say is, don't worry too much about people who talk behind your back. They're not worth your time. You've met many people in your life, by know you should know how to differentiate between the ones who are important, and the ones who are not. People who talk behind your back, do you know what they are? They are cowards. They're not even courageous enough to confront you face to face. What do they talk about? small matters, and usually those small matters don't have anything to do with them at all. It's a shame, a little understanding and effort could go a long way.

So, if you have something you don't like about me, unless you're going to talk to me about it in a mature way, I'm afraid you just need to accept it. I have more important things to do than to please you. :)

People who talk ill behind other people's back (including me, honestly), I hope you find something better to do with your life. Pointing out other people's flaws won't make you any more perfect. Keep that in mind.

Never the less,

Kalau ada jarum yang patah,
jangan disimpan di dalam peti,
kalau ada silap dan salah,
jangan disimpan di dalam hati.

This is a message for anyone to read, but consciously, it was something I had to tell myself.

"I don't care just what you think as long as it's about me, the best of us can find happiness in misery" - I Don't Care, by Fall Out Boy.

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