Saturday, June 2, 2012

A love poem for you.

As much as I hate to admit it
I have developed feelings for you
is this what they call as "love"?
I am certain that it's true

You might think it's outdated
perhaps you prefer something new
but I want this to be special
so here's a love poem for you

I can't write like Shakespeare
with words so complex and divine
but I can write out my feelings
what's in my heart and mind

it's the way you look at me
which makes my body tremble
and melts every bone in my body
leaving me with feeling to dissemble

it's the way you think and speak
which gives me a million butterflies
and makes my knees weak
and sends me soaring to the skies

the way the stars twinkle
reminds me of your smile
and the way your eyes sparkle
I hope you'll stay awhile

I keep finding more reasons
to keep on loving you
may it grow through the seasons
and blossom like flowers with dew


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