Monday, August 6, 2012

Death, uncertainty and an infinite chase.

Dead fish
Dead bird
Dead plants
A pair of chopsticks
A hungry man
To sustain life
We eat death
So much death living in the blood
Giving life to flesh skin and bones
That it would be impolite
Not to answer death’s call
When it comes

heard in Talentime by Yasmin Ahmad


What is this? 
What am I doing?

Is this a new chapter
or is it just repeated history?
somehow things are too familiar
everything is the same
except for the different face
am I accepting the truth,
or am I believing a lie?
I don't know what I know
maybe I know nothing anymore
Am I that insane
to break all the promises
I made to myself once ago?
So naive and hopeless even more so
it's making me so blind
but it's showing me so much
that I have long lost sighted of
too curious and not too careful
maybe I do know
maybe I do understand 
but I'm too hardheaded
Maybe I'm fooled
by fairy tales 
and love songs

What is this?
do you have the answer?
If the answer is not what I want
Then consider me deaf
but then
I don't even know what I want.

An infinite chase

why does the moon keep chasing the sun?
it is rather foolish and pointless
to go after something unreachable
resulting in a never ending chase
but the moon's desire still burns
and it keeps going on
steadfast and loyal and true
hopeful for something impossible
maybe it won't end happily
but at least it's infinite.

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