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Analogy of 2012 school year

Assalamualaikum w.b.t :D

So hey guys! It's been a while, eh? Wasn't able to blog before, but nevermind, I am here now! :P
I hope ya'll have been good, enjoying the holidays and what not.

The school year has ended, and form 4 is over. I am still sane, so I guess the mission is accomplished.  Of course, whenever you complete a mission, you just start another mission, at a higher level. What I am talking about is Form 5, and in this level, I'd be facing the big boss, SPM.
Better gear up.

But let's not think about that just yet. Let's take this time to breathe in and enjoy the leisure. I won't be getting this much next year, so might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

So let's do a re-cap of 2012's school year. Analogically, of course.


School started, and I was both scared and excited to face Form 4. I was still in SMK Kompleks Gong Badak, the school that helped me a lot in "recovering" if I may say so. A school that has given me many sweet memories during the short period of time I was there. Everyone kept asking if I wanted to transfer schools. There were people telling me to stay, there were people telling me to go, there were people who left it all up to me. Me? Inside, I was indecisive. I want to stay, but perhaps transferring would be better, etc. Decided or not, the forms were already delivered, and all I had to do was wait for the answer. Later on I found out that I didn't get to enter a Fully Residential School (SBP). Still, I re-applied. Which is considered as "begging". Heh.


I recited a poem in front of the school assembly. Even had plans to represent the school in a Puisi Lagu competition. Alas, turns out I did get accepted into SBP. I remember my last day of school there. I managed to keep my cool, that is until I was actually holding the transfer letter in my hands. Cried like a baby. I had an open mind about transferring, though. I mean, I can't just blindly hate the school without actually enrolling and being there, right? Think positive, I reminded myself. Think positive, and do the best. 


Enrolled in SESMA. First weeks of school, I was recognised as the sister to my brother. Oh, what a surprise. As if that didn't happen in all the schools I went to before. But it did kind of gave the people there a different perspective of me, I think. I did receive some "negativity", just as the other "freshies". You'd expect better mentality, huh? (no offense for the nice people at school) Oh well, I knew they'd get bored, and they eventually did. See how some things can be easier if you just choose to not care? Hahaha. Satisfaction guaranteed.


I represented the school in a Public Speaking (Zone level) competition and won. Was qualified to represent the state, which according to my brother, was a first for the school.


Public Speaking State level, and won. It was a big deal for me because I came in 2nd place the year before, and didn't reach national level.

After that I represented the school in a debating competition which was held in Perak.Thanks guys for giving me a chance. We didn't make it pass preliminary, but I enjoyed the experience a lot!

Mid-term break was nice.


National Level Public Speaking Competition in Kedah. Met a lot of cool people. Hopefully the experience helped me to become a better public speaker. Didn't get a placing, but for me, I think that qualifying for national is a good enough achievement. For now. :P


I went for the Spell-It-Right competition, and ended up withdrawing before my turn came because I needed to rush back to school. Spelling wasn't my best quality, anyways. I suck at spelling, so it wasn't a big deal for me. Hahahaha. I was the emcee for the high table dinner for the annual Open Hostel Week that night. It was grand :)

Then, the week after, I went to Kenyir with the school's UNESCO society. I'm not even a member of the UNESCO society LOL. It was my first time there :D good times with good people.

I also participated in Konvensyen Pembudayaan Koperasi. Got second place, and won RM1300. Received RM250 as the cash was divided among the team members, and the reamining would go into the school's union (koperasi sekolah, IDK what it is called in english). So that was cool.


Got a bad case of Herpes Zoster, and got a medical leave. I missed my Chemistry and Bilogy papers for the 2nd semester's mid-sem exam.


I was involved with a super awesome program called the Save Our Sea: Say No To Plastic program. I'll take every chance to go to Bidong Island. I got to meet some cool people, got back to nature, meet some artists, etc. It was featured in the newspaper and news, which was a bonus to the school I guess. I'm just happy I was there. Didn't expect it to be that big.


Dengan Inovasi, Yo! (DIY) First time making keropok lekor. It was time consuming, and energy draining.Won the state level, and got to go to nationals.


National level for DIY. Can't tell you more for the time being. I will be able to do so by Friday evening. So, just wait until then :)

School ended.


All in all, I guess it was a great school year.

2013: Form 5. Seniors. SPM. 9 subjects. Straight As. A+

Man, next year's gonna be packed! I really need to keep my priorities straight.
In shaa Allah :)

Dear readers, please do pray for me. May He make it easier for me to learn. May Allah re-pay your kind deed <3

toodles, darlings.

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