Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pyramus and Thisbe.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and a very wonderful day to you. <3

So the other day, on my usual adventures of searching random stuff on the internet, I decided to search "greatest couples of  history" and found myself glued to the computer screen reading this article; Top 20 Most Famous Love Stories In History and Literature.

To no surprise, Romeo and Juliet was at #1. Of course, Romeo and Juliet is a very tragic and romantic tale of forbidden love, told and re-told countless times throughout the ages but we seldom hear of other great love stories.

This time, I'm not going to talk about Romeo and Juliet. I want to share about Pyramus and Thisbe. They're at #14 in the list, but it's the one story that captured my attention in particular. I have never heard of them before, but I am glad I have now. I read the story here. OK, story time!

Long long ago, in Babylonia, there lived Pyramus, the most handsome young man in all the land. Pyramus had a best friend named Thisbe who is the most beautiful maiden which none could compare. They lived in adjoining houses, much like what I imagined as a semi-D. Both homes were divided by a wall. Having known each other for so long, and living so close, their friendship bloomed into love, a love forbidden by their parents. They wanted to get married, but their parents didn't let them. On the wall between their homes was a crack, discovered by none but them. Through this crack, they'd exchange words of love, of longing. When the time to part came, they'd both plant their lips on each side of the wall, as if they were kissing.

One morning, they decided to meet. Who would stand it? being so close, yet so far from each other? Their deal was that whoever comes first, must wait for the other under a white mulberry tree. Yes, mulberries used to be white. So the time came and Thisbe fled quietly from her home and went to the white mulberry tree, seeing that Pyramus was no where in sight. Near the tree was a spring. While waiting for her significant other, a lion appeared, which mouth was filled with blood. The lion wanted to clench it's thirst at the spring. Terrified, Thisbe made a run for it, and in the process, heir veil fell. She went into hiding.

After drinking from the spring, the lion saw Thisbe's veil and picked it up from the ground using it's mouth and tossed it, leaving it stained with blood. Soon after, Pyramus came. Looking for his lover, instead he saw the bloody veil. We all know what sad thoughts was playing in his mind then. His cheeks went pale, and blamed himself from not being there to protect her. Having no reason to line anymore, he picked up the veil and proceeded to the mulberry tree. After covering it with kisses and tears, he took his sword and plunged it right through his aching heart. His blood flowed from the wound, to the ground, which then dissolved in to soil, to the roots of the tree, causing the white mulberries to turn red.

Confident that the lion was gone, Thisbe finally came out of hiding, in hopes to find her lover. She saw the mulberries, having their colour changed, she questioned whether it was the same place. Coming closer, she saw a body underneath the tree. When she studied it further, she discovered that it was the body of Pyramus, her lover, lifeless! Screaming on the top of her lungs, she ran to him, and held his body in her hands, with her tears streaming on his wound, and her lips kissing his, cold. Speaking to him, pleading him to lift his head, she begged and begged. Upon mentioning her name, Pyramus opened his eyes, but then closed them again, this time for forever. Then she saw his sword's empty scabbard and her veil, and understood what happened. Saying that in life, their parents forbade them from being together, so let in death, they'd be contained in one tomb. To the tree she said that the mulberries shall remain red, stained by the blood of lovers whose tale ended in tragedy, as a memorial of their love.

In the end, they were buried in one tomb, and the mulberries remained red to this very day.

The end.

Tragic isn't it? You know something I realized, a lot of great love stories end with both lovers dead. William Shakespeare once said, true love always end in tragedy. I really like this story, so I thought I'd share it with you guys.

So people, love, love like you're going to lose it tomorrow.

and I think I should mention this here, DO NOT COMMIT SUICIDE. Instead, seek help. Happiness can come from the most unexpected places. <3

With love, Sofia.

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