Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fun & Friends @ FRSIS 2013

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

What's up, everyone? I hope you guys are well :)

So I just got home last night from Cyberjaya, Kuala Lumpur. I was at Sekolah Seri Puteri to attend Fully Residential School's International Symposium (FRSIS) 2013, and it was awesome!

It all started last Wednesday. We reached SSP late in the evening and went into the dorm we would be staying in for 4 nights. Well, except for Syazwan of course who was staying at Sekolah Alam Shah. My team consisted of Huda, Farhana, Syazwan and me.

We got to get to know the people in our dorm that night, and we instantly clicked! Vicky, the loudest among us was already telling us her life story on the first night and we went everywhere together. The delegates from other schools found it weird that we were that close. I was so happy to get such awesome dorm mates! You guys rock! Of course, Bluebell 1 Bay 2 was the loudest dorm throughout the whole symposium. We even got shh-ed by the dorm next door. Sorry we annoyed you with our awesome-ness :P

That night, the program was kicked off with an ice-breaking session.

The session was lead by the alumni of SSP, a group of very enthusiastic women, I'd say. Every participant got up to sing one of Michael Jackson's masterpieces, The Earth Song. That got the participants pumping. Before I continue, I guess I should say that the theme for this symposium was "Go Green: Initiatives for The Future"

Then we were divided into groups and had to come up with a cheer/chant using the word 'destruction'. I was in team Tree/Forest by the way. The card we were given was a picture of one tree, who would've known it meant Team Forest?! who cares, we did a good job, team. I wish we had more time to prepare, though. 

On the next day we had our site visits, which in my opinion was the best part of FRSIS 2013. 
The teams under the sub-theme of "Go Green: Initiatives in Information and Communication Technology (ICT)" went to Forest Research Institute Malaysia's Forest Reserve. We left at about 6.40am and came back at around 6.00pm. We were the first to leave and the last to come back. I'm pretty sure we had the most fun, too. 

The bus ride from SSP to FRIM took an hour (more or less), then we had a briefing, served with breakfast, and only then the real fun started. We were divided into 4 groups, and each group had facilitators consisting of university students who were posted there, kinda like for industrial training or something.

Facilitators for group 2

Here we learned how to calculate the diamater, height and crown diameter of trees. This is when I got the nickname "Cengal", given to me by the C.E.O of Cube Global, Azman Ali M. Habib Rahman. Why "cengal"? Because I'm expensive, that's why. Hahahaha! No lah, it's because I'm "rendang" (no, not the food, the other one) or in other words, short. Heh. I like the nickname, though. :D

measuring the diameter 

using a slingshot to get a leaf sample

En. Azman showing me how to use the gadget to measure the tree's height.

measuring the crown diameter

it smells like kemenyan if burnt. i don't remember what it's called. it's the yellow liquid that  comes out of the tree.
people used to use it to wax boats.

TruPulse 360. Price: >RM9000

Then we stopped for lunch and Zhuhur prayers. After that we proceeded to another place to plant trees. We had to hike (on a trail) for 2.2KM, but I took a jeep half way :P it's rude to decline okay. lol. For your information, we didn't plant trees on some flat ground, we planted trees on the slope, yeah, because that's the hardcore way to do it. Hahahaha!

Oooohh,, trees!!

slopey slope.

Fariz, Afiq , and Taufik 

During the descend, it started to rain! It was quite challenging. We kept talking about rolling downhill -____- Thank God none of us actually did it, though.

Vicky dug this hole.

Stripping the plant :P

The hard part was getting back up. The soil was so slippery because of the rain! We had to hold on for dear life! Good thing everybody was safe, and there were no injuries. :D

shotgun seat wheeee
The tough part was over. We had tea near a beautiful lake. It was still drizzling, but that didn't stop us from having a picnic beside the lake. What's a couple of raindrops in fried noodles right?

Huda and I

This is very pretty.

I'm modeling the new plastic collection


That night we had briefings and group discussion. nothing interesting.

Then on Friday we had a forum, and The Greenest Man On Earth, Matthias Gelber came. He was really inspiring and motivational. We were really amazed by his eco-friendly lifestyle. You go, Mr Matthias!

Green man

My team with the Iranian delegates

Then that night we had the official dinner at PICC. The Prime Minister was supposed to come, but he didn't. He's a very busy man, I guess. Regardless, we still had fun! Too bad my camera ran out of battery that night :( I'm still waiting for pictures by my friends.

Saturday morning we had the parallel sessions, which means, presentations! I regret not being 100% prepared. I feel like because of me, my school only got bronze. I'm sorry SESMA, I'm sorry Bonda :(

After lunch we gathered once again in the hall to see the best team from each sub-themes present again. Things got heated a bit then, but what happened in the hall stays in the hall ;) 

They had a Putrajaya tour that evening, but it was optional, and my friends and I didn't go. We figured we'd had more fun being crazy in our dorm, and we sure did. We did the most random stuff! Talking, laughing, suddenly breaking into song, etc. Hahaha! Again, you girls were great company!

That night was the Cultural Night dinner, coincidentally Earth Hour. I had mixed feelings about the whole Earth Hour thing, because it wasn't 100% fulfilled, but hey, how do you expect to make a big dinner with no electricity, right? at least it wasn't completely ignored. 
Karl and I

Me (Cengal), Huda (Jah) and Farhana
Rave party much?

Dabce performance by the graceful dancers of SSP

Performance from SQL zone

Flash mob to Malaysia Truly Asia

He's slightly squating and I'm on my toes. Hahaha!
That's our signature pose! XD
Tallstuff & shortstuff :D

the guys

Then came Sunday, the last day of the program.

Tun Jeanne Abdullah came to speak, and Tun Abdullah (Pak Lah) also came. It was nice listening to Tun Jeanne, she has a very motherly voice! <3

"It's only the power of love, not love of power that can bring peace to this world."

Saying goodbye to the new friends I made was really hard. :'( 

drama queens

sorry, it's shaky. Special effects lol

Syakir and Taufik

That's Fariz :D

Syamael and Syazwan

I hope to see you again

and of course, the crazy ladies of Bluebell 1 Bay 2 
Girls, stay awesome!

 Well, that's the end of it. Thank you SSP, thank you everybody who has made FRSIS 2013 a success.

Friends, I wish you all the best in life. You made the program a gazillion times more fun! Always remember the k.o.p.i janda gang! RAWRRR!

With love, Sofia. ♥

Friday, March 8, 2013


Assalamualaikum and a very good >insert time of day here< to  you all! :P

so it seems like the busy time in school have started with competitions, camps, events and of course, classes and more classes.

Extra classes alongside the tutor-tutee program has started a few weeks ago.

As for competitions, this year was started off by Forum Remaja. In my 10+ years of school, this is the first time I have been chosen to represent the school in a competition in Bahasa Melayu. Even my English teacher last year was shocked. So was I. Hahaha. Oh well, I was the conductor of the forum, so my task wasn't as heavy as my three friends' who were the panels. At the venue I got to meet quite a number of ex-schoolmates, of course, considering the fact that my current high school is the third one I attend.

Alhamdulillah, my school's team won first place, and I was even got "Penerusi Terbaik (best host)". I think watching a lot of talk shows and interviews helped, hahaha. So now my BM teacher can stop picking on me in class (at least I hope so). BUT this was only the zone level, meaning the road doesn't ends there. We hope we'll do better in the next level (state), and win again insyaAllah :)

Next week, the whole batch (fifth formers) will go to Marang for three days, from Sunday to Tuesday. It''ll be good to be in a different environment for a while, you know, change the routine a bit so the students don't get bored. Personally, I don't fancy doing the same thing day by day.

The zone level for the public speaking competition was supposed to be on Wednesday, but it was postponed until after the mid-term break. This means I have more time to prepare, Alhamdulillah. I'm hoping to reach nationals again this year, InsyaAllah, so I'll try my best. If I don't make it this year, I can't try again next year. This is my final chance. So let's do this!

Then I have the Fully-Residential Schools' International Symposium (FRSIS) coming up in a few weeks. It's going to be held at Sekolah Seri Puteri, Cyberjaya. I am very excited for this! I can't wait to meet all the participants, both locals and international. My brother was lucky enough to attend the symposium 2 years ago, and he had a wonderful time. Preparations? well, progress in very slow. And by "very slow" I mean I have done nothing. Zippo! *headshot* -___- I'm planning to start soon, insyaAllah.

So I guess that's all I have going on so far. I'm sorry my blog has become a journal of my school activities (;__;) I have no life outside school.  But hey,  student gotta do what a student gotta do, right? Final year of high school will be pretty bitter-sweet, I presume.

Yesterday I received the targeted results of my SPM which the school have set. I hope I can reach the target, or better yet, get better results. I'm doing this not only for my school, but for my family, and most of all, myself.

I pray that Allah eases all of me and my friends' affairs, give us guidance, gives us the ability to understand and remember all that we learn, grants us patience and strength, and bless us, our families, and our teachers.

Friends, sometimes we reach a point that we feel so weak and vulnerable. So burdened. I know, happens to me all the time. When it happens, I always remind myself that Allah had said in the Quran;

 “Verily with hardship comes ease; verily with 

hardship comes ease.”

 [S├╗rah al-Sharh: 5-6] 

This has become one of my most favourite quote from the Quran.

Other than The Almighy, my family and friends help comfort me. Thank you, and may Allah bless you all <3

I just need to work hard. In the words of Caprice (Ariz Ramli), Hustle and Faith. Two things that should never be separated, in my opinion.

Until next time, keep the faith. :)