Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Brief But Beautiful

Maybe the brief moment we had
is all that we will ever have
and I should be grateful
to have met and spend time
with somebody so endearing

But still my heart silently prays
for God to cross our paths again
perhaps for a longer period
perhaps until we decide
to never ever part again

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
but what if only one feels it
what if this love is unrequited
and I'm heading towards disappointment
but what if it's not

I hope I cross your mind always
sometimes, at least once in a while
because you do too occasionally
and the memory of our moments
keeps replaying in my head

I cherish the moment we had
wishing it will happen again
but until it does, if it will
I will look at the pictures
of our brief but beautiful time together

I hope you keep me in your prayers
just like how I keep you in mine
this distance can never stop me
from sending you prayers from afar
blessing for your future endeavors

4th June 2013.
for M.A.Y
for the 3 days I got to know you.

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