Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Foreign Land

You were a foreign land
the more I wander, the more I get lost
the deeper I travel, the more it captures me
I wanted to know every corner of you
and I explored each one by heart
from your brightest horizons
to your darkest caves
and though you scared me multiple times
it could never overcome my love for you
you showed me your demons
and I showed you my ghosts
you took me through your dreams
and we strolled through mine
I could never defeat the demons for you
but I didn't have the heart to let you face them alone
I was never genuinely afraid of you
but I knew you were terrified of yourself
I wanted to ease your pain
you were there for me at my weakest point

I loved every piece of you

but tonight,
I will not long for the stars that are absent
I will not mourn for what was lost
but I will be grateful for what I had.

6th December 2013
for M.N.

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