Saturday, February 15, 2014


Come closer dear sailor
how long have you been at sea?
vicious waves must be worth it
for a night of pleasure with me

come closer dear sailor
hear the song of pretty maidens
enter our perfect paradise
forget all your heavy burdens

come closer dear sailor
i can realise your wildest dreams
i can fulfill your deepest desires
come fall for my evil schemes

come closer dear sailor
fall into my luring arms
follow my enchanting voice
you can't resist my charms

come closer dear sailor
put your trust in me
let me consume you
first soul then body

Thursday, February 13, 2014


You didn't heal my wounds
Instead, you ran your fingers over them
reading them as if they're braille
telling stories of courage and strength
they weren't wounds after all
they were chapters for you to unfold
and you are my ending.


they never appreciated my love poems
because they are rightfully yours
and yours only

they were written for you
have always been for you
even before I ever met you