Friday, October 17, 2014

Your best mistake

I warned you about me
I warned you that I was a mistake you'd soon regret
I warned you that I will bring you pain and 
that I would not be enough, 
because I never was, 
for anybody.

You silenced my warnings with promises, 
promises that I knew better than to believe 
yet I still fell for them, 
I still clinged onto every word you said,
as if if I believed them enough, 
they could have never been untrue.

As I built you a pedastle in my heart,
you grew smart,
You started to see the things I warned you about, 
perhaps it was my mistake
 to think that maybe "the one" finally came, 
that maybe you would stay, 
but I was foolish to believe, 
I was foolish to let my guards down, 
I was foolish to let you in.

I told myself I was done being sorry for myself, 
that my self worth is not and will never 
be determined by a man, 
that I refuse to be chained by regret
but Sometimes I wish you regard me as the best mistake you've ever met.


you are electric
and my veins are wires
when we hold hands
your essence flows through me
making me feel so alive
you are my source of power
but you were too much
I tried to contain it but
you were too overwhelming
you made me shine bright
so bright that I eventually burned out
since then i was worthless
all my veins are useless
and I am disposed of
just like the way trash
is supposed to be treated
while you embrace some other light
and I bet my burnt heart that
she shines brighter than I ever did.