Friday, October 17, 2014

Your best mistake

I warned you about me
I warned you that I was a mistake you'd soon regret
I warned you that I will bring you pain and 
that I would not be enough, 
because I never was, 
for anybody.

You silenced my warnings with promises, 
promises that I knew better than to believe 
yet I still fell for them, 
I still clinged onto every word you said,
as if if I believed them enough, 
they could have never been untrue.

As I built you a pedastle in my heart,
you grew smart,
You started to see the things I warned you about, 
perhaps it was my mistake
 to think that maybe "the one" finally came, 
that maybe you would stay, 
but I was foolish to believe, 
I was foolish to let my guards down, 
I was foolish to let you in.

I told myself I was done being sorry for myself, 
that my self worth is not and will never 
be determined by a man, 
that I refuse to be chained by regret
but Sometimes I wish you regard me as the best mistake you've ever met.

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