Friday, May 1, 2015

VC Cup UiTM 2015

Assalamualaikum, hey everybadeh!

This post, as stated in the title, is about UiTM's Vice Chancellor's Cup Debate Tournament 2015 (is that what it's called in English lol the Malay version is Pertandingan Debat Naib Canselor 2015). This is the second debate tournament I entered in university. It was hosted by UiTM Dungun, and was held on the 24th to the 27th of April 2015.

Presenting to you, my team, *epic drum roll*, The Black Panthers!

From left: Me, Muhaimin and Syazwani. This picture isn't exactly epic, I know. 
If you read my past blog post about IKBP, you'd recognise Muhaimin who was my partner in that tournament. We were the Black Vipers then. This time, Syazwani was with us, and the three of us became the Black Panthers.

Another team representing UiTM Kuantan was the White Tigers, comprising of Edayu, Ainin and Jue. For debate, UiTM Pahang sent 4 teams. 2 from UiTM Kuantan (The Black Panthers & The White Tigers) and 2 from UiTM Jengka (Slim Shady & Morbidly Obese Shady - you get the joke?). For debat, we sent 4 teams under the name of UiTM Pahang. One team as a combination of Jengka and Kuantan due to a shortage of debaters lol, but it's all good. After all, we are all under UiTM Pahang anyways.

The Jengka troupe came to the Kuantan (Padang Lalang) Campus when we had our training. At first it was intimidating to see them, especially because they're older than us (although just by a few years), but after training together, and hanging out with each other, we became a family. I guess that tends to happen when you combine a cool bunch of people with another cool bunch of people hahaha.

The cool kids. The UiTM Pahang contingent. <3

For your information, we trained intensively (by intensively I mean 4 to 6 motions a day. I don't know if that's considered intensive to you, but it was for me) from the 21st to the 23rd of April, which means the Asasi kids had a week of break at home then came back to campus. Since Asasi ended before VC Cup started, the VC Cup became our grand finale. And grand, it was. (Why did I start speaking like Yoda all of a sudden?)

Long story short, the Black Panthers won.

Personally, I didn't even imagine reaching finals, let alone win. I don't think I had a specific target in mind. The target was to go as far as we could, and initially, "as far as we could" was probably quarters in my head, but that changed over time. Each session, I kept thinking "hey, we have a chance here". My plan was to try my best, and hope for the best lah.

I started to feel burned out at quarter-finals, but the debate sessions kept coming, and there was simply no time to think of fatigue. Basically there was no time to be a whiny baby lol. Right after finals ended, even before the closing ceremony, I was so sleepy. After debate finals, we had debat finals, then the closing ceremony. I barely made through through the debat finals awake. In the car ride home, the tiredness got to me. I was hella exhausted. At home, I spent most of 3 days paying my sleep dept. Hooray for being able to sleep at home!

For the finals, we went against The Kedahshians (pun intended) of UiTM Kedah. We ere the government, and they were the opposition. The motion was "This house believes that FAM should only sell broadcasting rights of Malaysian football to broadcasters with a dedicated sports channel". Football and broadcasting? Talk about a major plot twist! Clever move from the organizers, though.

wah so stage much finals

In all honesty, we didn't manage to tackle the motion as good as we would've wanted to (it bothers me inside). I think our performance in the past sessions were better, but nevertheless, we still gave it our all. This is what I love about my team. We never settled for anything less than our best, even during training sessions. I would like to thank Muhaimin for this. His determination was infectious. One of the best things about winning was seeing his smile. Seeing that smile, something inside me whispered "It was worth it." eceh sweet dok? hahaha

Relieved panthers bcs finals was over!
Thanks Muhaimin for being the engine of this team. Your perseverance level is so high, I don't even know how you do it!

Thanks Syazwani for your never-ending willingness to learn. If I were in your shoes, things would have probably gone messier. But you never crumbled. Not bad for your first big tournament, aye?

It was a team effort, and we make a good team. It's sad to think that unless all three of us further our studies in UiTM Shah Alam (and continue debating), this tournament is most probably the first and the last for the Black Panthers. :(

The Kuantan kids... uhm... training intensively. 

Throughout the whole tournament, we went against very skilled debaters, and I made new friends. Thanks to the debaters who shared tips, and of course, the adjudicators who gave us constructive criticism.

I hope I get to meet ya'll again someday, but until then, let's keep in touch.

I would also like to thank those who supported and congratulated us. Ya'll are too nice. <3

Last but not least, thanks UiTM Dungun for being a great host! I am very jealous of the fact that your campus is directly in front of the beach.

I'll cherish the memories, For these memories are much more valuable than the piala pusingan lol

I don't blog as much as I used to, so I'll see you when I see you!