Thursday, September 3, 2015

Shoes!: Ballerina Flats

Assalamualaikum w.b.t :)

Hey, what's up everyone? This post is gonna be about... shoes! but not just any shoes, ballerina flats :)  (as if ya'll can't read the title)

Heels and wedges can make you feel fierce and confident, but if you're anything like me, who tends to lose balance, wearing heels can be tricky. Even if you're a pro at wearing heels, wearing them can get painful sometimes. Give those ankles some rest! 

Women who aim for a simple yet sweet appearance will definitely fall in love with the comfortable ballerina flats. I'd say every girl must have at least one pair of ballerina flats in their wardrobe. Ballerina flats are designed for comfort and have that sweet element for women to show off their style. For students like me, ballerina flats are usually the go-to pair of shoes, perfect to bring us along the road to success (cewah!). 

For the ladies who want to pull of ballerina flats and look stunning, try out these styles!

1. The Girl-Next-Door
The ballerina shoes are known for its adorable design and is perfect for women to show off their innocent side in them. By matching the ballerina flats with a nice skirt or dress, you'll have a sweet feminine look! Wear them with your favourite Baju Kurung, and boom, Gadis Ayu alert! Carry the image of the young girl next door innocence and step out looking nice from head to toe. 

2. Casual Chic

Babes, don't ever think ballerina flats are for the boring. Swap those sandals and flip flops for something more stylish on your casual day out. They can be the fine line between "Meh" and "yasss" lol. Personally, i think they give you that nice "I don't need to try that hard to look good" look. Pair your casual attires with the cute ballerina shoes and step out the world like you're ready to turn heads. Because, girl, you are. There's a wide range of ballerina flats available, so have fun choosing one that suits your personal style. Whether a plain deign or fun trendy printed ones, walk out and look trendy even on your lazy days.

3. Workaholic

Who run the world? Girls. (I bet you read that in Beyonce's voice hahaha). For all the independent working women (there's a Destiny's Child reference in there somewhere), I know high heels give you that magical confidence boost, but it can also give you some strain if worn for long hours. You can still do your job and look good doing it with a pair of comfortable ballerina shoes. Ballerina shoes are super comfy and are suitable to be worn with your formal wears. Pick out a few pairs of versatile colours such as black, brown or beige to match perfectly with any outfits you have. Here's a tip: If you usually wear heels to work, keep a pair of ballerina flats in your office. You know, for emergencies. 

These are just style suggestions. If you find a style that suits your own, then work it! 
Have fun, ladies :D

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