Friday, February 5, 2016

1st Semester of Degree

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

You might have noticed that I have revamped my blog. I figured why not make a new blog post.

Last September (2015), I entered law school. Alhamdulillah, my first semester finished early January 2016. ok habis cerita lol jk

So let's see. How was my first semester like? I guess it was okay. I managed to get involved in a couple of activities/events without losing the grip on my studies... I hope. Results come out 18/2 - gulp!

I was the class representative. It kinda happened by mistake, hahaha. It was the first class for Torts 1. We we're in the auditorium, and the lecturer was looking for students to be the class reps. Unsuprisingly, most of us kept quiet. Those who weren't quiet were picking out names of their friends. Most of us didn't even know each other so it was not going to be easy, unless someone volunteered. I kept quiet because honestly I avoid extra work.

One of my classmates who I know from foundations called me. We were sitting close to each other, I think she was sitting a row behind me. We didn't speak loudly, but it was loud enough for the lecturer to hear.

"Pia, Pia lah jadi," and, with a shrug, I said "Mm boleh je" then before I knew it the lecturer was handing me the namelist for me to mark my name as the class rep. Oh well. It wasn't that bad. Turns out, I kinda liked it haha. Luckily enough I had wonderful classmates who didn't burden me. It was a nice first sem with dem nice classmates haha. For the upcoming semesters, classmates may differ with each course so we'll see how that turns out.

This post is long overdue so I'll only put what I remember hahaha.

1. I participated in the Inter-Faculty Sports (SAF - Sukan Antara Fakulti). Kinda. ok not really.

I participated in the opening ceremony lol, no actual sports (no surprise there, honestly) (but hey it's something?)
. Each faculty had to send a contingent for the opening ceremony where we had to march, and do a 2-minute performance. The Law Faculty chose a zombie theme so we dressed up as zombies, and danced to Michael Jackson's Thriller (Glee version, though). It was really fun. The dancing, the makeup. We didn't win, but oh well.

2. I entered this Shadow Parliament thing

This is an activity(?) hosted by ALSA Uitm. ALSA stands for Asian Law Students Association. I'm in this club btw. So basically Shadow Parliament is where you get to represent your state (or any other state) as a minister and propose a motion. Essentially it's policy making. We present a policy, then the participants(states) will vote whether to pass or reject the policy. I represented Terengganu, bringing the proposal for a federal-level ban on the collection, sale and consumption of turtle eggs. I was the sole representative because in the whole of ALSA UiTM, I'm the only one from Terengganu. .__. (+ no one else wanted to team up with me but sokayyy). I got tons of help especially from Dr Juanita o UMT. My policy passed! Only one state didn't vote for the policy. *cough* Kelantan *cough*. Oh how I wish there were stricter laws for the conservation of turtles in this country. 

3. I entered UNAM's National Leadership Symposium which was held in IIUM

UNAM is United Nation's Association of Malaysia. It's another policy making event. This time, the participants were teamed up randomly with other participants from different universities. Surprisingly, my team won second place. Seriously, we didn't expect that. The other policies were so good! Every team had great ideas. The unique thing about UNAM NLS is that the winning teams (from first to third place) will actually get funds to carry out their proposals. My team proposed this self-enrichment seminars for post-PT3 and post-SPM students, to give them some motivation and guidance in choosing their path in education. As of now, we're still waiting for UNAM to contact us in order to carry it out. 

pitching* smh

4. I entered Perkad (Pertandingan Kawad)

I wanted full marks for my ujian kawad okay, because I expected to suck at my running test (2.4km run) and also the ujian bertulis (but we ended up getting full marks for attending a Neuro-Linguistic Program Seminar which i dreaded so much). Our commanders were cool, so it wasn't that bad. No yelling and stuff. Also, luckily, every time we had practice the weather wasn't scorching hot. We didn't win (wasn't expecting to) but I had a good time with the other participants. 

I can't find other pics! :(

5. I participated in Model United Nations (MUN) hosted by Brickfields Asia College - BACMUN

So this is another policy making thing haha. I was so nervous because I have zero experience MUNning and I didn't know how to do anything. Plus, most of the other participants were experienced MUNners. But it turned out alright. For me I enjoyed it because it was something new. It requires problem-solving skills, critical thinking, diplomacy, etc. It was a fun learning process. I was the delegate for Turkey in the Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM). The chairs for SOCHUM were really chill so I'm glad that I got them for my first MUN. I think I want to actively participate in MUN in university. I don't plan to continue debating. We'll see :)

6. I went to TEDxYouthKL2015 ! 

I've always wanted to attend a TED Talk, and last year, it happened! The theme was "made in the future". I really enjoyed the event. Hopefully I'll get to attend more in the future, maybe even volunteer for TED! 

Soon after that was finals. So I guess that sums up how my first semester went. I was so busy after I got back from Mid-sem break. I didn't have a free day in three weeks. THREE WEEKS! I was so tired but I'm glad I got to do the things I did. I just need to manage my time (and stress) better. Hoping for better semesters, InsyaAllah.

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